A big “Thank You” from Kairi Vice, and a chance to win 1600 Microsoft Points

Last month, I was kicking around an idea for an Xbox Live Indie Game community event that would give away dozens of free games, thousands of Microsoft Points, and hopefully cause a ton of promotion for the entire scene.  It didn’t pan out.  We actually got TONS of free games from developers, but perhaps my eye was bigger than my stomach.  So the big game giveaway likely isn’t going to happen and I’ve told the developers that they should do something else with the codes they sent.  If any developers are interested in me putting together a promotion specifically for their games with the codes they sent, they can contact me and I’ll see if I can come up with something.

Having said all that, I do have something to celebrate.  IndieGamerChick.com, as of today, has reached 50,000 unique page views.  Okay, so that number doesn’t sound mind-blowing, but it’s amazing for an Xbox Live Indie Game website.  In fact, that makes IndieGamerChick the most read XBLIG-centered website in the world.

I’ve only been doing this site since July, so it’s amazing how well it’s done in such a short period of time.  I can’t thank you all enough.  I’ve met a lot of cool people, hopefully sold a lot of great Xbox Live Indie Games, and had a genuinely great time doing it.  I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels to have someone drop a line to me on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments section here telling me they bought a game based on my recommendation.  It’s often one of the highlights of my day.  It’s also great to see that people are clicking the marketplace links and checking out the games I cover here for themselves.  Roughly 1 in 16 page views results in a marketplace click.  Again, that’s not exactly stellar numbers, but that means nearly 3,000 total marketplace clicks have been achieved.  Most of those are for games in my top ten list, with LaserCat leading the way.  What I actually found gratifying was even former leaderboard games like Crosstown were getting plenty of marketplace clicks.

But we can do better.  1 in 16?  Pitiful!  Let’s get those numbers up.  If you see a game that looks good on here, at least head over to the marketplace and grab the demo.  If you like the game, spread the word to your friends.  Tweet it.  Post it on your Facebook.  Streak naked across the field during the Super Bowl holding up a cardboard sign proclaiming how much you love it.  Do whatever it takes, but get the word out.  Xbox Live Indie Games, even deserving ones, often struggle to find an audience.  A lot of people don’t realize that there are all these wonderful games out there for a measly 80 to 400 Microsoft Points.

There’s also a lot of great websites that also cover XBLIGs that are tragically getting overlooked, especially my amigos at Gear-Fish, Nate and Hurley.  Both have been short on time lately, but when they do write something, I think it’s spectacular.  There’s also my buddies at Two Fedoras who work very hard.  They cover the entire gaming spectrum, and they’re good, at least when they’re not outright plagiarizing my jokes (Geoff you cunt!)  so give them a chance.  There’s MasterBlud at Vintage Video Games TV.  For those of you keeping track, we’re currently on the “on again” part of our on again-off again friendship. But I can honestly say that without his help early on, I wouldn’t have taken off like I did.  Thanks Ryan.  Dcon, I didn’t forget about you.  Get your ass back to reviewing games.  I liked your stuff, kid.  Finally there’s the guys at GameMarx, rambling hippy-looking bastards that they are, I love their show.  Wow, this is really turning into an Oscar speech.

Since I’m giving shout outs, George Clingerman, Kris Steele, Dave Voyles, Jesse Chounard, Alex Jordan, Jack & Lisa Misiura, Brad OtakuDante or whatever the fuck your name is, Alan Charlesworth, and Jason Doucette, who always are open to discussing Xbox Live Indie Games with me.  I’m sure there are a lot of others I’m missing, but I’m really thanking everyone.  Finally, Bryce and especially Brian, my best friend.  I love you Brian.

Okay, so you endured this incredibly mushy, self-congratulatory, overly fluffy post.  So how would you like to win some Microsoft Points?  Just follow me on Facebook.  I have to admit, my ego is taking a beating because I only have 182 followers on it.  I have 500+ on Twitter.  Not a great amount, but satisfactory, even if Samuel L. Jackson isn’t following me.  Anyway, 182 sucks.  I want more.  Go to my Facebook page and hit “Like” and you’re entered to win.  On December 1, 2011 I’ll draw one person at random to win a code good for 1600 Microsoft Points.  Now there’s a chance that code might not work in your country (I’m still unclear whether a code from a prepaid Microsoft Point card works outside of North America) but I can’t do an exchange for a proper code for your country if that’s the case, so you’ll have to work that out once you have it.  Trade it to someone.  It’s worth $20 American!  Or, I guess technically zero according to the disclaimer on the card.

So thank you once again for making the first 127 days of IndieGamerChick the most successful 127 days any Xbox Live Indie Game website has ever had.  I hope I can continue to provide you with the type of reviews you’ve come to expect.  Xbox Live Indie Games are not dying.  They haven’t even peaked yet.  Yes, October sucked, but November is off to an amazing start.  If you see a game on here that seems like it might be your cup of tea, give it a try.  If you like it and buy it, let me know.  That is what makes the whole thing worth it to me.

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25 Responses to A big “Thank You” from Kairi Vice, and a chance to win 1600 Microsoft Points

  1. Congratulations Kairi. You’ve achieved a hell of a lot in a very short time, and I think your determination to pull no punches in your opinions and make us chuckle at the same time has got you this far.

    And you know, I’m actually starting to like LaserCat. Damn you.

  2. Good work. Your reviews are funny and good to read. Keep doing your perfect work. Good luck!

  3. misener says:

    Congrats! Your recommendations led me to two of my favorite games: Dead Pixels and Star Ninja. . . I actually spent way too much time gunning for world records on Star Ninja (addictive, eh?), and I got one (Level 14- Zenblaster X). Keep it up. . . I liked the page on Facebook a while back and hope I win those points!

    And I always come back here when I have 80 points to blow! (-:

  4. John says:

    Great work on the website, it’s excellent.

    I have to inform everyone though that an American xbox live points card will only work within the U.S, it won’t even work in Canada for some reason. (I’ve tried)

  5. Dcon6393 says:

    Nice to see you hit such a high mark. Celebrate with a massive game of Take Arms? I think so, cause that was a blast.

    I love all of your reviews because they are entertaining, no one likes a boring review. I think the best part about your site is that you never change your stance. No matter how many people came out of the woodwork and said “but online multiplayer is hard to code” you stood your ground. Even if people hate your reviews because you are “too harsh”, they still read them, which is all that matters.

    And I will get back to reviewing game over the winter break and next semester. Like an idiot I took 3 honors level classes this semester and got slammed hard with work. I have my DLC Quest and Escape Goat reviews coming, and maybe Volchaos if it gets out before Skyrim. After that I will probably go silent. Might work on a Blocks That Matter review since I have the PC version and will probably be playing through it again.

    • Exactly. I disagree with Kairi on lots of games, but I appreciate the firmness of her opinions and I wouldn’t have nearly as much respect for her integrity if she backpedalled when people took umbrage.

      • Dcon6393 says:

        Umbrage? Nice. Complimenting of your vocabulary aside, I couldn’t agree more. She does not back down from people, no matter how informed they are (usually uninformed or bias, but still). Every time I read one of her reviews condemning lack of online play I constantly check the comments haha

  6. Craig says:

    Congratulations! I think you’re the first XBLIG review site who didn’t bow to every developer, regardless of their work. People don’t get better that way, and it’s great to see someone who shares an opinion that beckons people to grow in their skills.

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  8. Starglider says:

    Thanks for injecting some fun and honest criticism into the platform Kairi. If you pick up some readers just based on how entertaining your reviews are and they end up buying XBLIGs, all the better.

  9. Thanks for the shout out. I often disagree with your reviews (though mostly it’s the insults that bug me, not the criticism), but I still enjoy reading them. It’s unlikely I’ll be making any new Xbox Indie titles, but if/when you branch out to iOS/Windows games, I’ll have stuff ready for you to rip apart.

    I’m still sad about Checkers, though.

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  22. charlie says:

    Durrrrr – never had a shot.

    1. No Facebook
    2. No Twitter
    3. Just discovered this site about an hour ago.

    Congrats to the winner, though!

    *le sigh*

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