DLC Quest

DLC Quest comes to us from Going Loud Studios, developer of former IndieGamerChick leaderboard member Lair of the Evildoer.  And boy am I pissed at them right now.  You see, they made this incredibly witty, at times laugh-out-loud funny game that I can’t review in-depth because I don’t want to spoil anything.  So this review is really going to be truncated.

What I can tell you is that DLC Quest is a 2D platformer where the gimmick is everything in the game needs to be acquired via DLC.  And I mean EVERYTHING, from the pause menu to animation and you know what fuck it, I’ve already said too much.  Now obviously you’re not paying for the DLC via Microsoft Points.  The currency comes in the form of coins that you gather, Mario style.  As a game, DLC Quest is very basic in design, but the humor of being nickle-and-dimed for everything is something any gamer in this day and age can relate to.  The actual game physics are well done, and there’s nothing in it that can cause you to die, so you can play it at your leisure.  The whole experience will take about 45 minutes to complete, give or take, and once you’ve finished the game you’ll likely never play it again.  And that’s fine.  It’s going to be a solid, entertaining hour that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome

If my word as a gaming critic means anything to you, go grab DLC Quest for 80MSP.  Don’t demo it, don’t continue Googling it, STOP!  Just get it.  I’m not even putting the trailer up here for it.  I don’t want to spoil anything for you.  This is the best example of gaming as a forum for humor I’ve seen on Xbox Live Indie Games thus far.  More often than not, games on the marketplace try to pass off gutter gags or references to other games as comedy.  DLC Quest is referential in a more broad sense, not having to quote anything directly because it’s developer trusts that you’re in on the joke already.  The gameplay isn’t going to blow your mind, but the humor is genuine and worth the price.  I know this wasn’t your typical Indie Gamer Chick review, but I wanted to keep it real for this one.  It’s not going to be the type of game that contends for the leaderboard.  It’s an experience, and it’s one you should take in.

DLC Quest was developed by Going Loud Studios

80 Microsoft Points charged you an additional 80 Microsoft Points to snark up this review in proper Indie Gamer Chick fashion in the making of this review.

Geoff, whom I hear cries when he sees the ending to Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, also reviewed this for Two Fedoras.  I think the article is a bit spoilerish (at least in the pictures) so be warned.

Dcon, whom I hear sniffs armpits, also reviewed this as well

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16 Responses to DLC Quest

  1. I really wasn’t sure which way you’d fall on this one. It seemed like you might enjoy it for the charm of the humour, but on the other hand I quite like it, which usually means you won’t.

    P.S. I’m not giving you 80 points for added snark, but I might consider 240 points for an acapella rendition of the ‘I Made a Game with Zombies’ song.

    • Kairi Vice says:

      That shows how ignorant you are. If you knew me you would pay me 240MSP to NOT sing the zombie song, or really any song for that matter.

      • I’m congenitally curious. Perhaps even terminally curious, if your singing is that bad.

        Well, at least you’ve hit on a solution for if you ever find yourself too skint to buy indie games. Sell your silence for points. (Actually, you could try that anyway. “Pay me and I won’t review your shitty game.” Could work…)

  2. “Pay me and I won’t review your shitty game.” — ha ha ha that’s funny 😀

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  5. Farwalk says:

    This game was funny, concept was clever, controls were smooth, I bought it half way through the demo. Moved quickly into my XBLIG top ten. Looking forward to some real DLC (or at least a sequel) for DLC Quest.

    Well done Going Loud Studios.

    • I bought DLC Quest by accident! I intended to download the trial, but I was tired and must have selected ‘purchase’ by mistake. I don’t regret the error.

      I’ve become a bit of a fan of Going Loud. Between this and Lair of the Evildoer, they’re doing well.

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  9. DLC Quest was eerily prescient!

    You’re required to BUY the ‘Blood Pack’ DLC package in order to activate the ‘blood on’ option in Total War: Shogun 2.

    Going Loud Studious = gaming Nostradamus

    • plezfiction says:

      Looks like it’s more than just “blood” but yeah that sucks.

      Just purchased DLC Quest last night but haven’t played it yet. Already got Lair of the Evildoer, too.

  10. *Studios. Goddamn speed typing.

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