Inferno! (Second Chance with the Chick)

I have a couple of Second Chances to do today, so let’s get to them.  I reviewed Inferno! way back in August, and felt that it was a perfectly fine retro-themed game that had a few serious flaws in it.  You might want to read that post first before going any further.

So what has changed?  For starters, the ridiculous password system is fixed.  Now, you don’t need to ace an impossible bonus stage just to earn the right to continue.  It serves to take the aggravation factor almost completely out of the game.  Almost.  All the game play annoyances that were present before are still around.  Limited ammo in a game where sometimes there is no way to get to the exit without shooting an enemy.  The only other option is to suicide yourself into it and hope you have enough health to survive.  It’s also still difficult to control your ship, especially when you get speed-ups that were presumably put into the game to help, but only make things worse.  I tried to come up with a witty analogy for that, but completely failed.  Sorry.

Some other additions include a simplified first bonus stage and a few extra bonus stages thrown in elsewhere.  There’s also some trivial bug fixes for a few late-game issues, but I didn’t notice anything different.

The most important thing is the game has dropped in price from 240MSP to 80MSP.  That was my biggest problem with Inferno! and now that the price is more reasonable for the type of game offered here, I can give the game a more hearty recommendation.  The controls still piss me off so I’m still pinning its ribbon on with boogers and phlegm.  I do have the flu today, so the phlegm is a nice, bright yellow.  That’s extra festive!

Inferno! was developed by Archifishal Software

80 Microsoft Points fell into a burning ring of fire in the making of this review.

Well actually it was 240MSP for me, but if you buy it now for yourself it will only be 80. 

Video courtsey of Indies onPause.

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2 Responses to Inferno! (Second Chance with the Chick)

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  2. It’s good to know the password/continue system has been fixed. I haven’t tried it myself, but your previous description of it sounded like a nightmare that would distort space and time with the intensity of its awfulness, causing the earth to split asunder and small domestic animals to fall from the sky at unsettling angles.

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