Indies in Due Time: Dream-Build-Play 2012 Episode 4

Kairi: We’re back with yet ANOTHER part of the Dream-Build-Play special.  Hey, there’s 400+ games entered into this year’s competition.  This shit is going to take a while to sort through.  Today’s four games were chosen by Brandon Schmidt, Managing Editor at The Indie Mine, and he also joins us.  Brandon, what brings you here?

Brandon: Well, you asked me to come.  I think you’re only bringing guests on because it saves you the time of actually selecting the games yourself.

Brian: He’s onto us, Kairi.  Abort, abort!

Kairi: Activating abort process.  Brandon, you know that suicide pill we handed you when you came in here?  Would you mind taking that now?

Brandon: Is that why you gave that thing to me?

Kairi: Yea, if someone catches onto our lazy plans, they take the pill.  So that we don’t get caught.

Brandon: Wow, where to begin.  First off, this thing is a Tylenol.

Brian: Too much Tylenol causes liver failure.

Brandon: Second, you usually take the suicide pill yourself, or you kill the person who catches you.

Kairi: So, you’re saying we need to kill you?

Brandon: Um, there’s no good answer to this.  Can we just watch the trailers?

Kairi: Fine.

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