Monkey Poo Flinger

No, really.

You can file Monkey Poo Flinger.. again, no really.. under novelty games.  It has no real value as a game.  On my most generous day, I would call its gameplay mediocre.  On a less than generous day, I would probably just flip the bird and make fart noises with my mouth.  But seriously, you don’t buy a game called Monkey Poo Flinger expecting the next Spec Ops – The Line.  You get it because monkeys are hilarious, poo is hilarious, and monkeys throwing poo is the greatest comedy goldmine of all time.

BUT, if your game is going to be themed around a monkey throwing poo at people, it has to at least look good.  Covering some gawking human with feces should be a visually satisfying experience.  That’s not the case here.  The graphics look crude, so any successful shot doesn’t have any zing to it.  I mean, you just absolutely plastered some asshole in the face with a handful of shit.  When I do that to Brian, it’s the highlight of my day.  Here, it’s just hollow.  I mean, look at it.

Footage courtesy of Splazer Productions

It looks horrible.  It’s actually not as bad as it appears from a gameplay perspective, but it’s still not fun.  Monkey Poo Flinger is a pretty basic gallery shooter.  Press the right trigger to shoot.  Targets walk in front of you and you shoot them.  Sometimes there are barriers between you and then.  Sometimes they throw stuff back.  Sometimes the game forgets to take its brain pills and takes away your ability to shoot altogether in a level that is, I shit you not, themed around being constipated.  Not that I’m offended.  I’ve played games where you have to feed cows prune juice to give them diarrhea and games where you use yellow snowballs as weapons.  Do you know what all those games have in common?  The novelty wore thin pretty fast, and you’re left with a game that was average at best (Conker) or pretty terrible (South Park 64).  The novelty is a non-factor in Monkey Poo Flinger because the graphics just don’t do the concept justice.  Thus, it’s boring right from the get-go.

I’ll say this: I thought I would be playing something utterly broken, and that’s not the case.  There’s a real game here.  It’s just not fun at all.  There’s other problems too, like projectiles (especially from the seagulls) being too hard to see, or the targets not being large enough.  Probably the best thing about the game is the dialog, which is like saying the best part about getting hypothermia is you get a souvenir blanket.  The between-the-levels banter offers, at best, a smirk and a shake of the head.  But you have to play a dull as dirt game to get those meager crumbs of entertainment.  So I can’t really recommend Monkey Poo Flinger.  I also have to ask a couple of questions that really ought to be addressed: where the hell is that monkey getting all that shit from?  Does his anus contain a fucking zip-drive?  And why does the zoo leave this monkey in such a high foot-trafficked area?  I think a better concept would have been a mad monkey won’t stop throwing shit at people and we have to stop it, with the ultimate goal of dropping it off at the state department so that we can send it to North Korea as a, ahem, diplomatic gift.

xboxboxartMonkey Poo Flinger was developed by Derf ‘N’ Derf

80 Microsoft Points had a shitty day in the making of this review.

Yea, I know my reviews have sucked these last couple weeks. I promise, I’ll try to get back into form this week.

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