Name the Game Contest II Winner

I have a winner to announce for the Name the Game Contest.  The winner of which will receive some free Microsoft bucks and his name in the game.  We could have given away an iPhone or something, but considering how most of you guys totally phoned in your attempts at winning with some of the least inspired names this side of John Smith, obviously a phone would have been unnecessary.  First though, I’ll announce what didn’t win.  If you’re one of these not-a-winners, you’ve won a free copy of the game when it comes out.

Jed Pressgrove of Fate of the Game‘s favorite name was Expendable Creatures by Mr. Benn Akaishi.

Cyril Lachel of Defunct Games‘ favorite name was The Second Mouse by some dude named Matthew.

Bob Reinhard of Low on Life’s favorite name was Petfall! by Lee Maynor

Tim Hurley of‘s favorite name was Treasurecide by Kirsty Watkinson

None of those won, because not one other judge liked any of the other judge’s top picks.  However, one name was liked enough to merit a mention from each of the judges, and thus it won.

So to Mike at Misty Day Games, creators of the absolutely atrocious The Last Fortune on XBLIG, congratulations for winning something at Indie Gamer Chick.  No, it wasn’t my Seal of Approval.  But, considering that my Seal of Approval probably isn’t good enough to earn an extra $20 in sales, it’s more valuable.  You won the Name the Game Contest.  And thus this game

Shall be known hence forth as:

The Useful Dead

Cue the Jerry Garcia music.  Thanks to all those who participated, and good luck in finding the other half of your asses.

Oh, and in closing, if I ever run another contest on Indie Gamer Chick again, feel free to hang me upside-down from my toes and beat me to death with boards that have rusty nails in them.

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9 Responses to Name the Game Contest II Winner

  1. Omar Salleh (@OmarSalleh) says:

    Congrats to the winner and runners up! Any chance of seeing which other entries made the judges’ shortlists?

  2. Hooray! Cyril, you have excellent taste.

    I notice my favorite did not get selected, so Omar (suggester of Critter Casualty), shoot me your contact info through my feedback page at and I’ll send you a copy of my XBLIG game or maybe something from Steam.

    Big thanks to Bootdisk Revolution and Cathy for putting on the contest. Looking forward to my copy of The Useful Dead!

    • Tim Hurley says:

      I had an option from both of you guys on my shortlist (‘Peril Us’ from Omar, Little Opportunists from Matthew), but I agree that ‘The Useful Dead’ has the benefit of being topical, funny, and search engine-friendly. If these contests teach people anything, it should be that naming a game (or any piece of creative art, for that matter) effectively is a rather tough thing to do. Congrats to the winner / runners-up, thanks to all that participated. Fun times. 🙂

      • Omar Salleh (@OmarSalleh) says:

        Thanks Matthew for your kind offer. I’ve sent you a message via your site. I’m looking forward to trying out your game!

        Thanks as well to you, Tim, for lifting my spirits by letting me know one of my suggestions was on your shortlist! It was fun thinking up names, and to be honest one of them was my wife’s suggestion (‘Kamikaze Critters’), so actually we both enjoyed it.

        Finally, thanks to Cathy for setting the contest up. I get the impression you weren’t too happy with it(?), but I for one hope to see it happen again at some point. A little bit of competition together with some creative thinking makes for fun times as far as I’m concerned.

        • Omar Salleh (@OmarSalleh) says:

          Gah, just realized I used ‘fun times’ without realizing it after having read it twice in other comments. Oops!

  3. Ian Campbell says:

    Fun times indeed! 🙂

    A big thanks to Indie Gamer Chick, all the judges, and everyone who participated, especially Mike o’ Misty Day Games! The Useful Dead is a really cool title that I look forward to using. 😀

  4. Bob Reinhard, thanks for selecting my title as your favorite. Even though it was mostly included in my list for laugh value, I am glad to see it had a little more merit than only humor 🙂
    To the rest of you on the short list, congrats as well, and especially to the winner! Cathy, I hate that you didn’t enjoy yourself during the contest as much as I did. Next time, maybe you should delegate it to another person on the IGC team, as a “training exercise”…
    Again, congratz and back pats!

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