Name the Game Contest II: Bootdisk Revolution Project

Contest is now closed. We’ll be announcing a winner sometime between September 2 and 8. 

Last year, a contest was held at Indie Gamer Chick to figure out the name for a game about running your own call center.  The winning name was Smooth Operators, a name which helped the title exceed expectations.  Based on the success of that promotion, Bootdisk Revolution, the developer of the critically acclaimed hit Bleed, wants your help as well.  They have a project that will release soon, and it needs a name.  Here’s your chance to give them one.

If the name you submit is used, you’ll win the following:

  • 1600 Microsoft Points (Card is for United States or Canada use only. If you win and are not from the US or Canada, you’ll have to arrange a trade on your own to get points that work in your region, or you can choose to not accept this prize).
  • Your name in the game’s credits.
  • A free copy of the game when it is released.

The winner will be determined by a panel of four judges.  Each of the four judges are free to use their own criteria to determine the winner, but must come to a unanimous decision.  If they cannot, the deadlock will be broken by Bootdisk Revolution.  I will not be a judge, and instead act as a moderator.  Each of the judges and their criteria are as follows.

Cyril Lachel – Owner and operator of

A game’s title is a statement. It’s a promise of what’s to come. As a result, I want to take the name seriously. It should be original and not rhyme with another game’s title. It should also be shorter than 140 characters, that way I will be able to Tweet about it. I’m looking for a name that goes well with a fine box of wine.

Bob Reinhard – Owner and operator of

A good title not only describes your game, but catches your attention. A little cleverness, wit, and pop goes a long way when trying to draw in interest.

Tim Hurley – Owner and operator of

Obviously the title of the game has to make sense. It has to be relevant to the gameplay presented, and it has to be as Google-friendly as possible (Indies have a hard enough time getting discovered). Other than that, get creative. The more unique / sellable it is, the more I like it, and, by extension, you. Good luck.

Jed Pressgrove – Co-Founder and writer for

I’m looking for something simple and clever that gives people a good idea about what they will be playing.

Each judge will also select one runner-up to receive a free copy of the game.

Before entering, please read the rules below.

How To Play

So what do you need to do to win?  The game in this trailer needs a name. You will decide what the game’s name will be.

The winner is the person whose name is selected by the judging panel.

To play, simply reply to this thread with the name you think the game should have.  You must have a valid Twitter account to play, as we need a way to contact the winner, and email is so passé.  Include that Twitter handle in  your entry.

You can enter as many times as you want, so don’t try to cheat and use different accounts.

The contest closes at Noon Pacific Time on September 1, 2013, the day that Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard officially goes Multi-Platform.  The winner will be announced soon after.  Good luck!

Rules and Eligibility

  • This competition is open to residents of United States of America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  Entrants from other countries can not collect a full prize.  The Microsoft Points prize is only available to residents of the United States and Canada.
  • You must be 18 years of age to enter.
  • All competition entries will be presented to a judging panel consisting of Cyril Lachel, Tim Hurley, Bob Reinhard, and Jed Pressgrove who will decide on the winning entry.
  • If two or more people enter the same name, the first person to have entered it will be considered the only valid entry.
  • You may enter as many times as you want.
  • The decision of the Judges shall be final and cannot be challenged.  In their absolute discretion they may declare void any entry or the competition itself should they consider that there are no entries reaching a required standard, whereupon they can award prizes or not as they think fit.
  • The winner will be chosen by the Judges, and the prize awarded to the entry that the Judges consider to be the best.
  • The prizes will be paid at different times. A code for Microsoft Points will be sent via email or direct-message on Twitter to the winner within 2 weeks of winning the competition.  A code to the game will be sent to the winner via email upon release of the game.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to having your name and/or nickname published on various websites/blogs.
  • All entries in the competition will be the property of Bootdisk Revolution, and released only if not voted as the winner by the judging panel.
  • Entries will be deemed invalid if the entry would be covered by any type of patent and/or trademark owned by another company or studio, or if in violation of Xbox Live Indie Games’ terms of service (the so-called “Evil Checklist“)
  • There will be no cash or other alternative to the prize offered and prizes are not transferable.
  • It is the responsibility of entrants to keep themselves informed as to any updates of these rules, and they acknowledge that any failure to comply with these rules could lead to their disqualification without reasons being given or opportunity for challenge.
  • Bootdisk Revolution is responsible for all aspects of this competition, and not or its sponsors.

Please note: uses moderation for comments. No comments will be fully deleted, so if your entry doesn’t appear, it will eventually.

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87 Responses to Name the Game Contest II: Bootdisk Revolution Project

  1. Low On Life says:

    And for fuck’s sake folks: Don’t suck. Please? 😀

  2. Looks awesome! Erm… Zoo Hunter Sacrifice? Or Treasurecide? Best things I came up with.

  3. First: love that music. Second: name ideas…

    – Critter Chain
    – The Second Mouse
    – Furvival of the Species

    (That last one was for Bob.)

    ~ @ironmaus

  4. justen @vanvacterjusten says:

    Suicidal treasure hunters

  5. Omar Salleh (@OmarSalleh) says:

    “Over my dead body”
    “Over your dead body”
    “Critter Casualty”
    “Lethal Leapfrog”
    “Kamikaze Critters” (or ‘Kamikaze Kritters’)

  6. “Survival of the Squishies”
    “Every Fluffball for Themselves!”
    “I Did It For The Treasure”
    “Blood or Gold?”
    “They Got In My Way!”
    “Teamwork…I Guess?”

  7. “Ways and Means”
    “I.O.U. : Dash for Cash”

  8. One Common goal
    Going for Gold
    Death as a Platform
    All for one and one for gold
    Treasures of greed
    Whoops, I slipped.

  9. mando6599 says:


    Animal Treasure Hunt
    Double Dash
    Double Douche
    Killin’ Kousins
    Killin’ Cousins
    Dead Dog Run
    Mariachi Madness
    Defying Death
    Death Defyers
    Death Defiers
    Critter Crawlies
    Razin’ Cain
    Moby Stitches
    Bound & Gagged

    Edited by Indie Gamer Chick: Double Dash is too close to Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Double Douche violates the Evil Checklist. Rest are good.

    • I had to eliminate a couple of your names because of copyright and/or evil checklist violations. Anything not-crossed out is still eligible.

    • Nine Lives
      Get Busy Livin’, Get Busy Dyin’
      The Backstabbing Broods
      Follow the Yellow Brick Road
      The Seekers
      Fortune, Fate, & Folly
      Die it Forward
      Character Flaw
      Thou Shall Not Murder(Unless there’s treasure involved, then go ahead, be my guest!)
      Fight or Flight
      Signature Sound
      Grim Reaper & Friends
      Paradise Lost
      Paradise Cost
      The Fatality Fellows
      Till Death Do Us Part
      Elemental Idiots
      Seek, Find, Die
      Seek, Find, Die, & Party!
      Assassins Bleed
      April Ghouls
      April Foolish
      Unlock the Locks with a Whisper
      The Sacrifice Within

      • Destiny’s Death
        Trapeze Artists
        Body Doubles
        Liable Littletons
        Zig-Zagging Zephyrs
        Terminal Extrapolates
        Try, Try, then Try Again!
        Try, Die, then Die Again!
        Die, Die, then Die Again!
        Die, Die, then Die Some More!
        Gargantuan Galanty

        • A Cult Following
          Occult Followers
          Occult Following
          Continue On
          The Neverending Gory
          Crude Dudes
          Presumptuous Piss-ants
          Ladies First
          Lives of Forfeiture
          Desperately Seeking Treasure
          Disparately Seeking Treasure
          Anything Goes
          Me, Myself, and Die
          Forward Thinking

  10. jourdy288 says:

    Get Rich and Die Trying.

    Premise of the game looks interesting, I dig the mechanic. Also, my Twitter handle is Jourdan_Cameron.

  11. justen @vanvacterjusten says:

    Death among friends
    Corpses have uses

  12. Tina Lauro says:


    Lemming At It!
    Oops, My Turn!
    Death is no Obstacle
    Lambs to the Slaughter
    More Use to me Dead
    GEDDIT! (Or Die Trying)
    GET IT! (Or Die Trying)
    Calculated Sacrifice
    One Critter’s Sacrifice is Another’s Fortune
    Buried (for) Treasure
    Tactical Losses
    Operation CorpseStep
    To Death or Dollars!

    Edited by Indie Gamer Chick: I looked into it and I do have to eliminate Lemming At It because the name is too similar and the themes close enough that it could “create market confusion.” Sorry.

  13. Dead Critters : Quest for the Golden Doors
    Someone Will Make It One Day
    Critters : Expandables
    Over their Dead Bodies
    Over those Dead Critters
    Jumping (Now with a Macabre Spin)
    Quest for the Golden Doors (now 50% more macabre)

  14. This is harder than I thought! All the names I can think of are pretty morbid, but I guess that fits with a game based on sending poor critters to their deaths!

    Stepping Stiffs
    Convenient Cadavers
    The Useful Dead

  15. @Keyrlis

    Don’t Die for Naught!

    None Died Vainly

    No One Died in Vain

    Header: If at first you don’t succeed,
    Beneath, the Title: -Die, Die Again!-

    Dumb Animals

    Darwin’s Crossing

    Darwin’s Path

    Darwinian Choices

    Tales Told by the Survivors

    Animal Escape

    Sacrificial Path

    Walk Over Me

    One Must Win

    The Shoulders of Giants

    The Shoulders of Idiots

    -One Must Die- That others may live.

    Doom 4: Bought the Farm

    ^^^^^^^Just seeing if you are paying attention.
    Edit by Indie Gamer Chick: Yes I am.

    The Remains of the Way

    The Path Remains

    What Remains?

    Over All

    Help Me, Help You

    What are Friends For?

    Who Needs Ya?

    One Life to Gi

    At All Costs

    Use What You Got

    I’d KILL for Treasure!

    Co-Op Critters Corps(e) Stylized, “painted-on graffiti” letter ‘E’

    For the Fallen

    I’ll probably be back with more later…

    • That’s One Life to Give, by the way.
      Also, this is a lot more fun than ACTUALLY working. ;P

      • @Keyrlis again. You could always leave the name of it “Name this Game” and then never tell us who wins. Of course, there was no “twitter” cartridge for the Atari2600, though I may still have that game. Should prolly keep it.
        Back on topic to Titles:

        Give Me Furdom, or Give me Death (or freedom, but appropriating that seems a bit wrong.)

        F.U.R.: Forward Unto Release

        Furries & Fishies Fight For Freedom.

        One Life to Live, with Lots to Lose. Nice double entendre, that.

        Escaping With Your Lives <– might be MY favorite of mine so far.

        You Passed, So, I Got Past You

        It's Not if You Win or Lose, Unless it's Your Life.

        Those We Passed Over

        Critters Operating Regardless of Possible Side Effects – CORPSE

        Or Die Trying

        Using the Dead to Get Ahead

        Dead Ahead

        Why Not Me

        H.U.R.T.: Helping Us Reach Treasure

        Over and Over and Over and Out

        In Line With Fate

        Being 'Late'

        Better You, Then Me

        Better You Than Me

        Hey, Watch This

        More to come as the oil burns…

        • @Keyrlis back one mo’ ‘gin

          Life over Death

          Get Over It, or Die with a Grudge

          Furtive Movements

          Lives Left

          Dying Right

          Getting Over You

          You’ll Never Get Over Me

          Living Precariously / Dying Vicariously

          Better Than Dead Last

          Coming In Dead Last

          Freedom Paid In Blood

          Is Your Life Worth It?

          Spend Your Life Wisely

          A Life Worth Dying For

          Dying to be Free

          Petfall! <—ROTFL

          Relentless Desire

          Indefatigable Troubles

          You Go First

          The Last Crossing

          Crossing Your Friends

  16. Expendable Creatures
    Darwin’s Hunger
    One will Stand
    Kill ‘Em All (Mostly)
    Dead Saviors
    The Bodies
    You’re Story Will Be Told
    Go On..For All of Us

  17. May they rest in utility
    Morbid Curiosity
    Who drew short straw?

  18. Steve Rife says:

    @Aintnogoodatall Death not in vain

  19. @purejamm says:

    Creature Discomforts
    Fatal Furry
    Friendly Fatalities
    All Fur One (and one fur all)

    and only because your last game name is so good

    Follow The Bleeder

    I apologise for that one in advance.

    Edited by Indie Gamer Chick: Someone already submitted Fatal Furry. You should be good on the rest of them.

  20. Cute Things Dying Violently. Oh wait…

    After You (possible subtitle: No Really, I Insist)
    Plunder Pets
    On The Shoulders Of Tiny Giants
    Shuffle Off
    Best Laid Schemes
    Not The Best Plan


  21. Brandon says:

    I just have a few names to throw in, might add some more when I think of some:

    – Persistence
    – Relentless Critters
    – Leave Everybody Behind
    – There’s an “I” in Critter
    – Life of a Critter
    – Survival of the Critters
    – Crittericide
    – In the Name of Critters


  22. BOoBoO says:

    treasure for respawn

    Toots: The treacherous adventure

    All for, all for, one

    Defying Pegi

    Every time someone plays this game an Indie Gamer Chick cries

    Cute and usefull

    Killer platforming

    Valour in Splatter

    The Treasure of truth

    Dont worry I will die for you

    Killing time

    The moment of aaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh

    Use the corpse Luke

    Dont bother naming it, no really.

  23. Fluffy Suicide Treasure Hunters

  24. contractgame says:

    Hmm nice trailer!

    Friendly Priorities
    Spiked Relations
    Treasure Mob
    Killer Treasure
    Deadly Critter Adventures
    Critter Filler
    Critter Hunting

    good luck guys!

  25. Dean says:

    Hmm some more?

    Stiff Critters
    Fatal Fellows
    Dead End
    You First
    Critters First

  26. contractgame says:

    Stiff Critters
    Killer Gold
    Gold Kills
    Treasure Rush
    Deathly Treasure
    Friends Or Gold
    Critters First
    Friends First

  27. Paulo Derino says:

    The Last of Fuzz

  28. I know we can’t vote, but “Fluffy Snuff” made me laugh…

    “Furballs Regret Nothing!”
    “Furballs Ho!”
    “The Great Furball Adventure”

  29. UNDD says:

    Suffer, Die,… PROFIT!!!

  30. olilycett says:

    “Those darn critters!”

  31. Brought in the heavy hitter, my six year old son, and we came up with these ideas for ya. Hope you like em, thanks!

    Battle Blast
    Puzzle Pets
    Complicated Critters
    Mystified Mice
    Bamboozled Beasts
    Flummox Lummox
    Flummoxed Lummox

  32. @purejamm says:

    Animal instincts
    Endangered Species
    The Risks of Extinction
    The Wild lives of Wildlife
    Nature Trials

    oh and for the cash in
    Creature Craft Modern Duty on the Battlefields in Zombieland

  33. Adam Parker says:

    I don’t have a twitter but I don’t mind not getting any prizes except for my name on the credits, can I still submit names?

    Critter Crunch
    Dying ReQuest (maybe Dying Re-Quest or something similar for googling purposes?)

  34. Luis Arcia says:

    – Natural Selection
    – Darwinism Paradise
    – Kamikaze Zoo
    – Ride your best pets (?)
    – Necropets

  35. Zachary Guthrie (@StudentXZG) says:

    Clever Collapsing Corpses
    Furry Until Demise
    Devise Animal Demise
    Why do my feet smell like a corpse?
    Innovation of Impaling
    Art of Eradication

  36. David says:

    Hey guys! The game looks cool and reminds me of this one:

  37. Jalen says:

    My list of names:

    Critter Conundrum
    Critter Crisis
    Critter Couriers
    Critter Courier Quest
    Lemming Critters
    Lead the Way


    Edit by Indie Gamer Chick: Any names with “Lemming” or “Lemmings” in the title can’t be used do to possible copyright issues. All your other names are valid.

  38. -(Critter or Pet) Corps-op
    -(Critter or Pet) Co-orps(e)
    -Your Death, My Life

  39. An XBLIG Guy says:


  40. Alright, this would be my take on names…



    – EXIT TO EXTINCTION (Variant)


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  42. GQWeasle says:

    Selfless Critters
    Goodbye Kitties


  43. Jackson Smith says:

    Critter Death Quest

  44. Devoted Vertebrate
    Immolate the Way

  45. michael says:

    You go first.
    If i had a heart.
    Corpses for purposes.
    Corpses for porpoise……if there happen to have dolphins in the game.
    Squistastic suicide
    Squash bash.
    Brotherly love.

  46. Paul says:


    I Bounce On Your Grave
    I Hop On Your Grave

  47. Jerrod says:

    @j8slim on Twitter

    Got a few names:

    Friends ’til The End! (Of The Level)
    What Are Friends For?
    Super Frenemies
    Animal Crossroads
    Corporate Ladder Creeps
    Not Lemmings
    Permadeath is Life
    Treasure Trolling

    • Jerrod says:

      Whoops, just scrolled up and saw the Lemmings warning. Hopefully Treasure Trolling doesn’t have to take a hit too.

  48. Dwyn says:

    Twitter: @dwyn95

    Name ideas:
    The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese!
    1 Dead, 2 Dead, 3 Dead, 4? (like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish :D)
    A Trailer of Epic Awesomeness!
    You Die, I Win!
    Jump! Jump! Dead.
    Thanks for your death!
    Jumping Rodents
    Rodent Rage
    Critter Escape!
    Jumping Critters
    Animal Escape

  49. Twitter @MorgCityCoder

    Shiny Hunter
    Treasure Troops
    Fuzzy Looters

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