Escape The Car

You’ve played this one before.  Trust me.  You might have forgotten about it, but it will all come back just as soon you boot up the demo.  Escape The Car by Afro Ninja has been around as a free internet game for years now.  It’s a point-and-click title where you find various items in a car, use them on various objects, maybe combine them, and try to exit the vehicle.  Well now for $1, you can play the exact same game on your Xbox.  What a, um, deal or something.

Afro Ninja did modernize the graphics, added a smooth music track, and included five meaningless achievements,  but the actual game part is completely unchanged.  The items, the layout of the car, and the solutions all remain from the free game.  There’s no added second quest (besides the option to play the same game with the original graphics), no differences in puzzles, or really any incentive to play this version over the one you can play for free right now.  So why would pay $1 for it?  Hopefully when they bring the rest of the “Escape Series” to XBLIG, they change things up somewhat, because otherwise no dollars will play “Escape the Wallet” to purchase them.

Escape the Car was developed by Afro Ninja

80 Microsoft Points just saved you $1 by giving you this link in the making of this review.

Please donate to Extra Life, a promotional event that shows gaming geeks have heart, and help make a difference in the lives of the next generation of gamers. 

I couldn’t find a trailer, but trust me, you don’t need it.  Just go play the free game.  It’s fun.  

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