Nuclear Wasteland 2030

I am emailing you to see if you would try one of our previous releases and see whether it deserves a spot on your top 10. As of September 23rd the game will have been out for an entire year so I know you may not even consider trying it. But it is the game’s anniversary and what better time to play it and see how it fares against today’s first person shooters!

The game is called Nuclear Wasteland 2030 and is a FPS and is available for 80 microsoft points. I have attached some links so you can glance at it and make your decision. Shame on you for not already having this game in your video game library.  I hope you give it a go!

Actually Rube, I already owned Nuclear Wasteland.  Brian found it while cruising around and said “hey, this looks fun!”   But I only played it about five minutes before life called me away for other things.  By time I got back, I had developer challenges lined up, and trust me when I say, never was I so thankful.  Five minutes were long enough to recognize that Nuclear Wasteland would be a total piece of shit.  I was going to chalk up the 80 points spent on it to the “this is the price of starting a review website” tax and never touch it again.

And then you had to challenge me to review it while asserting that it was a contender for the Leaderboard.  Thank you so very much.

So what can I say about Nuclear Wasteland?  Well, it’s horrible.  Oh my God, what a piece of shit game.  It could very well be one of the worst Xbox Live Indie Games I’ve played yet.  It’s a wave shooter, where you play as some type of cowboy dude who has to run and take cover from swarming zombies who throw arms at you like a Clay Aiken concert was going on at the moment of zombification if you catch my drift.

You have a little pistol that you can use to fire on them.  It takes roughly six years for it to reload, and the zombies move like they’re in a Benny Hill skit, so once you run out of ammo you better be ready to hold down the clicker on the left stick to run.  No really, that’s how you run.  Convenient, huh?  Oh, and after a few waves you get access to a machine gun that runs out of bullets in about two seconds and takes about five seconds to reload.  You can also pistol whip by using the right stick’s clicker, but you have to walk into the zombies for it to work.  Funny enough, they can reach you just fine from a distance of about six paces, while you practically have to molest them to get close enough for the pistol-whipping to work.  But your dude swings like he’s encased in liquid nitrogen and thus by time you kill one zombie, the rest of the swarm is sure to have sissy-whipped you to death.  Or into shame.  Either way.

And then there’s the glitches.  They are kind of fun.  Like the one where a zombies pushed me through a wall, into a closed off room.  It was neato.  I could just take my time shooting the zombies in the head and they couldn’t do a damn thing about it.  Except after they decided to break the laws of physics as well and just passed through the fucking wall themselves, at which point my gun was rendered ineffective on the grounds that the zombies had brought an invisible wall with them and my bullets could not pass through it.  Their hands could though, and I was quickly deadified.

Upon respawning, the invisible forcefield wallthingie had followed me to the afterlife and back, because now every single shot I fired hit it.  Instead of just accepting that God wanted me to be zombie smörgåsbord, I took off running.  I didn’t make it very far before getting pinned up against a fence.  For a second, I thought I was fucked.  But then, I passed right through the fence and was apparently safe.  The zombies could not cross it, so I had some time to seek the high ground.  That damn reverse force field was still with me, so I couldn’t get off a shot, but hey, at least I safe.  I watched as a group of six zombies sat there flailing at the wall like they were trying to sharper their nails.  I turned my back for a split second to get a lay of the land, and when I turned back around the zombies had teleported across the fence and right into my face.  Quite the magic trick, really.

"The first step: figure out who the hell keeps putting all these gosh darn invisible walls up."

Needless to say, Nuclear Wasteland 2030 won’t be contending for the Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard, at least without the aid of nitrous oxide.  It’s glitchy, unresponsive, and not any fun.  Maybe first-person shooters and Xbox Live Indie Games aren’t the match made in Heaven I figured they would be.  People have told me that they’re extremely difficult to program and that it’s a small miracle developers can even get a functional build of one working.  In which case, I suppose Nuclear Wasteland is functional and that should count for something.  Maybe that will earn it the VIP treatment when we gather up all the really bad games and march them off to the gallows, which includes a complementary last meal and your final words being co-written by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa.

Nuclear Wasteland 2030 was developed by Sick Kreations

80 Microsoft Points said “oh just Google him” in the making of this review.

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49 Responses to Nuclear Wasteland 2030

  1. ivatrixgames says:

    Personally I don’t believe XBLIG is a place for all these hardcore COD remakes. It’s like they took the zombies from black ops(default controls included) and slapped on a poor theme because Nazi references aren’t allowed on XBLIG. I want to see some original and polished ideas come into play before I believe any FPS is a good idea on XBLIG, heck I’m even on the fence when it comes to 3D in general.

  2. John says:

    Hey thanks so much for the riveting review! We spent 6 hard months trying to bring you a fun shooter for 1 DOLLAR! We really appreciate how enthusiastic you are about ripping our game apart…we thought it is pretty good for the price of 5-piece Chicken Nugget. To be quite honest I am really disappointed with your TERRIBLE review, and would appreciate if you do not review our games again!

    Art Director of Sick Kreations,


    • Oh, I must have played the wrong game then, because this was most certainly not a fun shooter.

      • John says:

        Well then make a better game for us! 🙂

        Anyway, I do want to say its cool your reviewing all these games and giving exposure to the Indie Channel; so thank you for that Indie Gamer Chick.

    • As a creator of things myself, I understand how hurtful and disappointing it can be to have someone attack something you laboured hard over. Having said that, it comes with the territory. If you create a consumer product and sell it, some people will hate it, and in the internet age they now have an easy way to say so.

      Most of the indie developers I’ve encountered have been very conscious of a point that you seem to miss here: dignity is better than petulance. Case in point: I described Baller Industries’ game Rock Bottom as (from memory) “the worst thing that’s ever happened to me”, yet when they released their next game they actively encouraged me to review it.

      Be the bigger man/woman/xenomorph. Throwing a hissy fit because someone didn’t like your game is childish and only hurts your image. Ask yourself a couple of questions.

      1) If other reviewers read my comment, will it leave a good or bad impression on them, and encourage them or discourage them from reviewing my future games?

      2) If potential customers and buyers of my future releases read my comment, will they think I’m a self-respecting adult or a whiny brat?

      If you’re a major studio releasing a triple-A game there audience is large enough that making a bad impression on a blogger or two won’t matter, but in a market the size of Xbox Live Indie Games it’s a mistake.

      As the most-read Xbox indie game site in the world (statistical fact), Indie Gamer Chick is the biggest mouthpiece for drawing attention to your games. By throwing your toys out of the pram over one of her reviews – not to mention actively asking her not to review your games in future – all you’re doing is robbing yourself of one of the best sources of exposure you have access to, and displaying not only immaturity but also a fundamental lack of basic common sense.

      TL;DR version: I feel your pain but don’t be a dick.

      • John says:

        Agreed. However, having nothing positive to say when your reviewing a game, is not considered “reviewing” a game in my eyes. I really am not concerned with my “impression” because we actively and TACTFULLY respond and communicate with our real fans, as well as distribute free copies to various people; and cherish every one of them. If she has every right to report how terrible our game is, I have every right to let her know her terrible her reviews are. That said, I am thankful that she give exposure to the Indie Channel.

        And Well put! 🙂 Thanks Indie Gamer Chick for giving us exposure.

        • The game had nothing positive to report. Sorry, it was truly awful. If you want to me sing your praises, you have to give me something to work with.

          • John says:

            Well being an artist, I have to say, please consider updating the banner at the top of your website, it is truly awful.

            Anyway, we will try to make a game that even you, the Indie Gamer Chick, can appreciate. Thanks for your involvement in Indie Games, we appreciate that a lot…

            • No, you don’t. You’re not looking for honest feedback. You’re looking for kudos, whether you have earned it or not. It’s disgraceful, really. Man up, because you’re acting like a baby.

              I’m really ashamed of Sick Kreations. I’ve had a good dialog going with Ruben since my site launched. He took the feedback in this review like a man and applied it towards making his next game better. You, on the other hand? Pitiful.

              • John says:

                Well, excuse me for taking offense to all your insults; but honestly a review should contain some form of constructive criticism; not just a constant breakdown that only defines disappointment and leads to the discouragement of all our hard work. Honest feedback also includes saying what was positive about the game.

                Help me Help you write a better review. Contact us with advice on how we can make a better game.

                • Ryan Gan says:

                  I’m a reviews editor at another site, and I’m just jumping in to say that a review doesn’t have to contain any form of constructive criticism. The duty of the writer is, first and foremost, to their audience. And this was an entertaining and informative read.

                  It’s your job as part of the development team to take a review and turn that into something constructive. Clearly, the game has some bugs, so you need to take what Indie Gamer Chick wrote and move forward to make sure that you test your game properly the next time around. That’s what sequels and future projects are for. But don’t ever think that a critic is obligated to write something in a certain way — because we’re not.

                  I actually bought the game today, after reading this, just to see what the fuss was about. So there’s your exposure.

                  • Ryan, I would like to point out that all of that DID HAPPEN with the owner of Sick Kreations. We had extended dialog beyond this review, and he’s been nothing but friendly and gracious since. I only didn’t get to their latest game because I couldn’t find time to play it online properly. But it was a VAST improvement.

                    There is constructive criticism in all my reviews, I hope. It might not be worded tactfully, but if you honestly can’t figure out what I don’t like about a game and what you can do to fix it, you’re hopeless. I’m not a coach or a cheerleader, and it’s not my job to tell you what you’ve done wrong in a way that makes you feel good. If you want that, pay a therapist.

                    By the by: Rocks!

            • Oh come on, that’s just childish. Besides, as I’ve already point out, IGC isn’t charging money. You are. That raises the stakes a long way, even if it’s only a dollar.

        • Of course you have that right. The difference is Indie Gamer Chick isn’t trying to sell anything. You are, and you’re making an enemy of someone who influences a large part of your market. It’s bad business sense.

          Plus XBLIG reviewers are a pretty close-knit community. One developer bitched at me for my review of his game, and more than one other reviewer now has no interest in reviewing anything he releases in future, purely because of his reaction to me. The fact that you CAN retaliate doesn’t mean it’s wise.

          Still, this is just my advice. Take it or leave it as you see fit.

          Personally, I agree about having some balance in reviews, but that’s me. Each of us has our own style, and the Chick’s no-holds-barred style is what has won her such a large audience. it is what it is; you either work with it or lose that avenue of promotion.

          For the record, I thought Nuclear Wasteland was alright. Flawed but ok. Your other games are better.

  3. Under advisement from the proprietor I’m going on the record to clarify my position here.

    I have no ill will towards the studio. I personally am leaning very much towards not reviewing SickKreations games in future, but it’s not because of a grudge or reprisal.

    I have no interest in doing so to make a point, or teach anyone a lesson, or anything like that. But I’ve been on the receiving end of a vindictive developer’s weeks-long tirade of rage against me before, and even if John’s views don’t represent the rest of SickKreations, I don’t want to run the risk of him showing up to rip me a new one if I don’t write the review he wanted me to.

    I’m not angry, nor was I at any point during this exchange, but a vengeful developer is more hassle than a review is worth. I’ve learned that the hard way and don’t wish to repeat it.

    Previously all my (limited) contact with SickKreations has been positive and polite, so all the best in future.

    • Since I publicly declared that, in the spirit of fairness I’ll give a public update.

      I don’t want aggravation because this is a hobby. I don’t make any money from what I do as a critic. Having said that, we critics also have to take responsibility for our voice in this community, however small that voice is.

      We all make mistakes and once I realised how genuinely distressed Ruben (and probably everyone else at SickKreations) was at the thought of years of work having been ruined by one bad judgement call, I came to the conclusion that it’s not fair to cease covering their games just to avoid a headache.

      John made an unwise decision in the heat of emotion over something he’s passionate about. We all do that sometimes. I don’t advocate the things he said here, but if he wants to aim that at me in future, my skin is thick enough to take it.

      Let’s just play some games, ok? Personally I’m playing Infinity Danger and Score Rush. I’m feeling twin stick-ish.

      • Noobivore73 says:

        Ok, I’m going to offer my two cents on this, for good or ill…ok, so you didn’t like a game…ok, so you felt it had no redeeming qualities…but does that mean you are now justified in goin to every length possible to stomp the guts out of those who worked hard on producing something? You can give a bad review while still trying to maintain some form of professionalism and respect, or you can choose to break out the thesaurus in an effort to find every way possible to rip the game and, by default, the developer to shreds. Honestly, I think this review was rediculous in the extreme, and I am glad I’m not a game developer, if it means having to subject myself to this kind of pointless venom.

        Ps, SickKreations, a friend of mine, SeymourGames, did a play through of this game on his YouTube channel…

  4. The Grumble says:

    You know what ? I completely agree with this review. Having played some of it, the game has a lot of problems. To give it praise would mostly sound like hollow praise in the face of the issues present.
    There’s a reason indie gamer chick is known as one of the more brutal Critics.
    I get the idea of it being so much work put in etc but honestly that’s pretty much what the revelations 2012 team can say too. The game has taken so much time etc but sometimes you have to step back and look at the points raised and if they are legitimate issues. Not simply argue in a childish manner with thing like “Well you do better”.
    Reviewers are there to review.
    Are all consumers expected to be making better ?
    No they’re expected to buy and as such that’s mostly the aim of reviews to inform consumers.

  5. Danny says:

    Are you fucking kidding me. That game is amazing for $1! Yeah it did have some weird bugs here and there but for a buck you cant beat that!Im sorry, but I see SK perspective here…being a web person who the hell are you to talk, your fucking website is WordPress, you cant even code your own site lol

    • $1 buys you a LOT these days in gaming, so I reject the “it’s just a buck” argument. 9 of the top 10 games on my board cost $1. And they no bugs, better play control, better graphics (some of them), and are just more fun.

    • By the way, is it John or is it Danny? Since you guys have the same IP address, I figured I would ask. Especially since I know Ruben was upset and had to go into “damage control” over your original comments. You’ve already gotten one other XBLIG writer to say he won’t review your games anymore because he doesn’t want the drama or the headache. Is there anything else you would like to do to harm your studio?

  6. Danny says:

    good point but i can tell you dont play fps gamez

    • Because of the click-to-run thing? Yea, I complain about that whether it’s by an indie or Activision. I don’t like it, and I believe most gamers don’t.

      And believe what you want.

      • Danny says:

        HAHAHAHAh Mikes response

        Mike Venomen says:
        September 28, 2012 at 3:10 pm
        Obviously as a well educated web administrator, you know better than most that multiple computers underneath the same PDC Domain will be providing a DNS call back related to the IP of the Internet provider issued address. Just thought everyone should notice how the perception and obviously clear awareness you have of this technology or matter altogether hasn’t at all possibly jaded your ability to capture the fine detail that more than one person might know each other, let alone work together in the same company.

        Just putting it out there.

  7. Mike Venomen says:

    Note from Indie Gamer Chick: This is the THIRD different name that is coming from the same IP address, and the last one I will allow.

    I am relatively new to this market, but I will make these points of fact.

    Professionalism dictates that while the previous exchange may have blurred or crossed certain emotional lines, one could realize something important here. The nature of the review, regardless of how honest it may have been from one persons vantage point; seemed to a certain degree unjustifiably cruel in the approach used to debase and verbally abuse the game and or the game-maker’s efforts. While everyone IS in fact entitled to their opinion, especially an individual in the position to review; some compassion would have been at the very least a nice gesture. The sarcastic and intentionally mean spirited nature derived from many of the aforementioned comments does not imply much professionalism on the part of the person doing the review. Regardless of how popular an overtly “brutal” critical reputation has brought them forward into the limelight, you cannot hold them blameless if they assert their views in very strategic postures to willfully provoke another. That said, after making so many scathing remarks there should have been a sense of expectation that this developer would want to defend his/her honor in the matter. No one enjoys receiving abuse, personally or otherwise.

    It is my view and opinion that while the exchange itself may have seemed unnecessarily yet politely volatile, for anyone to make the claim that deciding to take a hands-off position with others because they think the prospect and interest of self-defense is “vengeful” is in itself very much the posturing of either cowardice or lack of understanding and compassion. I suppose for some it would take being on the receiving end to comprehend that.

    While I agree that one is selling a product and stands to lose sales over it and the other seemingly wins by publicity; it does not change the fact that the format used in the attack of this developer’s product was a derisive and blatant attempt to simply boost their own reputation.

    I’ve always believed there are 2 specific types of people in this world: those who are capable of achieving things and those who criticize others for their achievements. The primary difference can be seen where one criticizes them self to become better, while the other criticizes other to only “look” better. While the defacto mindset is that indigamerchick has every justification in saying what she wishes I will respond to an earlier made statement regarding that “just because you can retaliate it does not mean you should” as true as it might be the same goes forward in the light of fair treatment. Just because you CAN tie someone down demoralize, debase, and defame their work and effort; it does not suggest you should either.

    I am in agreement to the ideal that while praise may not have been what was called for, at the very least something constructive and useful to the developer to make improvement, might have been a better role than that of being brutal for the sake of being brutal.

    • And I’ve had that dialog with Ruben, the guy who John is making look bad. Ask him yourself.

      You lost me with “I’ve always believed there are 2 specific types of people in this world: those who are capable of achieving things and those who criticize others for their achievements.”

      It’s the ultimate cop-out for people who have made a bad product.

      I’m going to have to go with Alan here. This is not worth the drama, especially when this review has been up for over a year now. I’ve reviewed 300+ games here, and more than half of them don’t get good reviews. But those developers take the feedback with good grace and anyone who wants to have a rational conversation with me can, and typically does. I think most people kind of get the point of my site, and why the reviews read brutal. I think most devs will say that I’ve been very easy to work with as far as critics go. I think Ruben, the owner of the studio who developed this game, will agree with that.

      And in closing, I would like to point out: Ruben specifically asked me to review this game, just like I review every game. Anything goes, no holds barred. It’s his game. It’s what he wanted. And he was very gracious about it. I feel bad for him, because you guys are making the whole team look like a bunch of thin-skinned pussies.

    • Oh dear. You think I lack the insight to distinguish between making a mature counterpoint and screeching petulantly? How disappointing. I was going to stay out of this until you decided to slight me directly.

      Although I concur that I, personally, choose to temper my negative reviews with whatever good I can find, that is my nature. It is not Kairi’s nature; her reviews are the simple truth of her experience with the games, much as she would deliver them to a friend. I told someone the other day that my pasta salad was like a decomposing jellyfish coated in baby sick. That forthright, gut reaction is the way Kairi reviews. To do otherwise would be dishonest, and would be pandering to the egos of developers, which is probably worse than trolling for views.

      I don’t share Kairi’s reviewing style and I frequently disagree with her opinions, but this site is what it is. It’s hers and she can run it as she sees fit. Moaning about it won’t change anything or make you feel any better. Why bother?

    • The Grumble says:

      Honesty is reviews has its place too.
      I have created stuff and admittedly its fallen totally flat. As far as constructive criticism goes looking at the negatives is often more important that what worked. This isn’t some attempt to provoke a response by having the review read “This game is the half barfed up hairballs of a cat dying cat” it does detail the issues found.
      honestly if you don’t believe reviewing is a legitemate way of making things you are a bit out of touch with critics like those on TGWTG or Yahtzee on the escapist. Reviewing is making something and part of reviews is to be interesting and informative and to an extend to entertain the reader enough to keep them reading to the end not simply click away.

  8. Mike Venomen says:

    Obviously as a well educated web administrator, you know better than most that multiple computers underneath the same PDC Domain will be providing a DNS call back related to the IP of the Internet provider issued address. Just thought everyone should notice how the perception and obviously clear awareness you have of this technology or matter altogether hasn’t at all possibly jaded your ability to capture the fine detail that more than one person might know each other, let alone work together in the same company.

    Just putting it out there.

  9. Can’t believe it came to this, but at the request of Ruben Salazar, owner of Sick Kreations, I had to ban John and his friends from my site’s comments.

  10. What gets me about this whole thing was did the studio not know who you are and how you handle your reviews? You have a reputation for being brutally honest. It’s not an approach I take, but to each their own. The point is you don’t lay your head down on the chopping block unless you want the axeman to take a swing. And most people familiar with XBLIG know that IGC wields a huge honkin’ axe.

    This is also another fine example of why a business should have one and only one person in charge of PR. It sounds like this Ruben guy was handling things professionally. He should’ve been the only person talking to the press.

    • Noobivore73 says:

      I personally think the phrase “brutally honest” is a joke….just call it for what it is, simple brutality…reading this review was like watching a horrible car crash…

      • All I’m saying is don’t poke the bear.

        • Noobivore73 says:

          Really….That’s your response, “don’t poke the bear”? So, because she writes a blog on the Internet, she is no longer held to the standards of common decency? She can’t be questioned or criticized for HER product, even though she tears into other’s products with glee and abandon? Seems to be a little bit of a double standard…

          To be clear, I am not questioning her opinion, but I find the way she delivered it in this case to be quite disgusting…

          • Everyone has a right to question everyone else, just as they have a right to an opinion. The internet is a free and open forum for that purpose. The idea, though, that there are any kind of standards is laughable. I get that you’re angry. I think I’d be upset if someone shit all over something I or a colleague did. However, I think you’re missing my narrow point. Whether her style is good or bad is not something I’m discussing here, although you’re more than welcome to. It’s an interesting debate, but like I said it’s not one I’m trying to get involved in.

            MY point is that the developers actively sought out a reviewer known to rip games to shreds. If there are faults/bugs/design issues with the game, then I don’t understand where the surprise is coming from from the devs who were lashing out. She treated this game no differently than others in the past. I’m simply trying to raise a logical point here, so I don’t know why you felt the need to be disrespectful towards me.

            I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be an expert on PR. What I can say is that just like every other occupation in the world, a better job is done if there’s research put behind it first. If someone is a developer and they’re concerned with the reputation of their game in the press, then they should actively research and find press sites that convey a style and tone that fits what they want.

  11. Holy shit! Check my inbox, 33 new comments on a post I watched over a year ago! What started the shit storm guys?

  12. Rik Swift says:

    …and that’s all we have time for this week kids, hope you can join us next time as we debate the real issue: Which is cuter? Ickle baby kittens or fwuffy bunny wabbits?

  13. On behalf of Sick Kreations I have sincerely apologized to the people that I was able to get in direct contact with. I want to publicly apologize to everyone else as well. I am sorry.
    I have always felt that the reviewers, devs and the fans of both were a tight knit community. That is why when several people contacted me about what was happening here I was just complete and utterly shocked. I personally had taken the initial NW2030 review and couldn’t wait until I could challenge IndieGamerChick to review the next game. Some devs want to make money or get fame but I wanted to knock her socks off. John felt offended which is natural but how he reacted was not appropriate. I speak for Sick Kreations on public relations and that is why when you twitter @SickKreations, comment on our website, check us on our facebook, go to IGDA meetings or email us then it is me that you will speak with.
    This wasn’t the way that i wanted to make the “Whats hot” list ;-p

  14. Moises Perez says:

    All I have to say is that Nuclear Wasteland was a good game considering it was an indie game.

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  16. Derek says:

    Well I for one like this game it is really good for a 1 dollar fps. Also you get better weapons as you progress through the waves so thank you John for creating this. Its brought me hours of fun

  17. Victor says:

    Nobody will probably see this, but I have to comment since this was such a big issue. This game does suck major ass! It needs so much tweeking, that it is unplayable in it’s current state. I would be ashamed to have admitted it took 6 months work to make this and not make the controls better! I just downloaded it again. I was so frustrated the first time I played it, I deleted it and will probably do so again. Seriously, it needed some more work guys. Here is what would fix a few things right off the bat and make the game more fun and actually playable:

    1) Give players time to heal and get weapons between waves!!!!!!!!!!!! At least 60 seconds with a timer so they know when to expect the next wave. What’s the use of having rooms with health and weapons if the rooms are death traps!

    2) Tweek your freaking controls!!!!!!!!!! My god they are so loose and way too fast even on the lowest setting! Freaking frustrating!

    3) Put in difficulty settings!!! Not everyone has put in as much play time as you dev’s have and are used to the loose controls.

    4) Put in collision detection and incorporate head shots to do more damage that body shots! It takes as many head shots as it does body shots to kill the zombies.

    5) Put pickups in the game such as extra lives! I died in the 4th level and game over!!! Seriously? What kind of fun is that?

    6) Fix your damn jump and remove the freaking invisible walls from the upper levels!!! I was trapped and died more than once because I could NOT jump over a 3 foot freaking rail!!! Really? Why have multiple levels if you get trapped on them??? Same as the rooms! Freaking level designers!!! Get a freaking clue man!!!

    7) Tweek the weapons to have more power and give them to us much earlier in the game than the 4 level!!!

    The game has some terrible level design compared to your other games!!!

    On a positive note, I liked the art work and the zombie models… I mean zombie model! I’ve only seen one in 4 levels. Add more skins as variety IS the spice of life! This game had potential, but seeing how old it is, oh well… I’ll just delete it again as it’s just too frustrating to play!

  18. Victor says:

    As to how this site reviews games… I think Indie Gamer Chick is refreshing! She may use harsh language, but hey… WTF!? Some of her reviews can be critical, but in most cases they deserve the criticism! If these developers want to be on top, they need to try hard! If you read enough of her reviews you get a feel for the games she likes and doesn’t like, but she is usually fair and honest in her opinions. I have bought many indie games based on her reviews. Some I didn’t like, but most of them I did like and I feel she is a good critic and writer, She deserves her spot in the limelight! She rocks and I both trust and respect her reviews!! Great job Indie Gamer Chick!!! I know your job is NOT an easy one! 🙂

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