Puzzled Rabbit

It’s Sokoban.  You shove boxes into spots.  I liked it.  You might not.  The end.

Puzzled Rabbit was developed by..

Okay, fine.  I’ll go into a little more detail.  It really is just Sokoban.  The presentation is tarted-up with nice graphics and music.  And for some reason they added this strange way of controlling where you click a box, and then click the spot on the screen you want to push the box.  They call this the “smart” control scheme.  I call it the lazy version for people who are afraid of schlepping.  You can still use the right analog stick to take direct control of the mover.

Otherwise, it’s exactly the same game that has been done a million times before.  If you’ve played games like this, you’ve played this one.  If you want a new version of it that has almost 200 levels, grab Puzzled Rabbit.  Well actually grab it on your iPad or Blackberry.  It’s a much bitter fit on those than on your television screen, which should be saved for stuff like Gears of War 3 or reruns of Scrubs.

Puzzled Rabbit was developed by Pixel Elephant

80 Microsoft Points can’t be bothered to make a Microsoft Points joke for this review in the making of this review.

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