Win 1600 Microsoft Points with the Indie Game Summer Uprising and


Update: A bonus code was drawn even though I didn’t meet my target numbers (grumble).  Mr. Domenic Paolo on Twitter was drawn and won 1600 Microsoft Points courtsey of!  It’s still not too late to enter the main drawing so be sure to keep reading!

The Indie Game Summer Uprising is almost upon us.  Beginning August 22, you can start to play the ten games selected as  the best of the best by the developers and by the fans of Xbox Live Indie Games. These ten games represent months, or in some cases years, of hard work, perseverance, and creativity.  Three traits I know absolutely nothing about myself, so I can appreciate the efforts put forth here.

As the producers of the games selected put the finishing touches on their work, I’ve teamed with Uprising coordinator Dave Voyles to offer a special drawing in the hopes of bringing attention to the games that will be rising up on August 22.  At, I’m going to make my best effort to have in-depth reviews of all ten games on the day of each release.  And in an effort to ensure that word of each title’s quality finds its way to gamers, I’m offering a chance for you guys to score some free Microsoft Points.

Entering into the drawing is very simple.  In fact, there are twenty-three possible ways you can do it.  If you do them all, you would have twenty-three chances to win.  How slick is that?  All you have to do is follow me on Facebook or Twitter to earn one entry each.  You can also earn an entry by following the Indie Game Summer Uprising Facebook page.  Finally, you will receive one entry for every review of mine for an Indie Game Summer Uprising title that you retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook.

You have to be an American citizen to enter into this contest.  The reason for that is the 25 digit code that will earn you the 1600 points has to be for an American console.  Yea, that sucks.  I really wanted it to be otherwise, but apparently that’s how the cookie crumbles.  If it turns out a prepaid 1600 MSP card’s code works in other countries, please let me know so I can open this up to everyone.

But, more important than this drawing is the Uprising itself.  This was a wonderful experience for all those involved.  Their hard work and determination to bring attention to a neglected segment of the Xbox marketplace should not be in vain.  At least demo their efforts.  Try to rate them.  Buy a couple of them.  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Write to your congressman.  It’s not like he’s doing anything anyway.

The most important function of Xbox Live Indie Games is the pressure it puts on large game studios.  Gamers need to let them know that if they fail to entertain us, a new generation full of energy, enthusiasm, and boundless imagination is ready to take over the industry.  And the first step towards putting them on notice is making sure everyone is aware that they exist.  So let’s all work together to make sure the 2011 Indie Game Summer Uprising is an unparalleled success.


On Facebook, “Like” the official Indie Game Summer Uprising page located here.    If you already “Like” it, you are already entered.

On Facebook, “Like” the official Indie Gamer Chick page located here.  If you already “Like” it, you are already entered.

On Twitter, “Follow” the official Indie Gamer Chick page located here.  If you already “Follow” it, you are already entered.

You must still be following IndieGamerChick’s Facebook or Twitter account on September 9, 2011 by 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  At this time, a drawing will take place and the winner will be notified via Twitter or Facebook, depending on the method by which their entry was received. 

Volunteers for the Indie Game Summer Uprising are ineligible to win.  You must be a resident of the United States of America to receive the codes. 

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33 Responses to Win 1600 Microsoft Points with the Indie Game Summer Uprising and

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  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the good will, but this is far too complicated and time consuming to be worth it. Despite, expecting to get 960 new followers in 2 weeks is utterly ridiculous especially if people who give away whole video game systems at the 1000 mark need several months to reach those numbers.

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  4. I for one think this is a bad ass idea, a great way to get more eyes on the Summer Uprising and most of all, who don’t like free money!? Count me in, not only for the drawing, but for any support you need to keep shining light on XBLIG!

    Oh, and I’ll say it… You the coolest b*tch alive!

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  16. US resident. Check. Have a Twitter/Facebook. Check. Liked/Followed on Twitter/Facebook. Check. I’m ready? *readies check*

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