Indies in Due Time: Dream-Build-Play 2012 Episode 2

Sorry for the delay.  You see, my boyfriend ended up being occupied watching videos for Ring Runner for four days, while I had Dave, Tim, and Nate chanting “one of us” at me, which is just bizarre.  Since they wouldn’t stop, I had no choice but to unleash the Indie Gamer Chick Dalek on them.  Long story short, Nate is dead.  My condolences to his loved ones.  Well, onto this episode’s four Dream-Build-Play trailers, as selected by Tim Hurley of Gear-Fish.

Hurley: Actually, I also have my own site now:

Kairi: Wait, you left Gear-Fish?

Hurley: No, but I mean, you did kill Nate.

Kairi: I didn’t.  The Dalek did.


Hurley: Sure, always blame the Dalek.

Dave: Is it gone yet?

Kairi: Wait, you’re still here?

Dave: Yea.  What did I miss?

Brian: Nate Graves is dead and Tim Hurley has his own site now.

Dave: Wow, betrayed Gear-Fish, huh?  Nate must be spinning in his grave.

Hurley: He would be if there was anything left of him.

Kairi: Okay, well we have Tim and Dave Voyles of Armless Octopus.  Let’s roll.

Alan: Not without me you don’t.

Kairi: Fuck.  Okay, the Indie Ocean dude is here too.  On with the trailers.

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