One Million Views and Counting

Today, 963 days after I began this journey, Indie Gamer Chick passed one million lifetime views. It’s a milestone I never dreamed about when I started doing this stuff in July of 2011. I remember those first ten days where I was pulling in ten views a day. Then a single game developer contacted me, and I couldn’t believe it. Then someone noticed me on Google and told the Xbox Live Indie Game community. Before I knew it, people who had never heard of me wanted to talk to me just to talk to me. Developers of major triple-A titles that I grew up playing were following me on Twitter, asking me my opinions on gaming, telling their friends they had met me. What the heck is wrong with these people?

I’m going to level with you guys: I’ve lost my way, and I recognize that now. Indie Gamer Chick gained a following when my focus was on smaller indies on unappreciated platforms. For two years, my focus was on Xbox Live Indie Games, a platform where even developers who created really, really good games would be lucky if they made $1,000 on their art. I thought the way to grow Indie Gamer Chick was to spread out to larger titles. I wasn’t trying to sell you guys out. The XBLIG community had started to break apart, seeking fame and fortune on other platforms, and I was trying my luck at that too.

Although I will continue to keep my eye on bigger indies, reviewing the heavy-hitters of our community at least a couple of times a month, I’m going back to my roots. You’ll see a lot more reviews on platforms like Xbox Live Indie Games, Ouya, and PlayStation Mobile. And yes, I’m starting PC reviews in March, just as soon as my two new gaming computers are done being speced out.

Oh, and I assure you, this has nothing to do with indies taking forever to really lay stake to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. No sir.

The response over the last two and a half years from the community has been nothing short of miraculous. It’s changed my life in ways you can’t believe. It’s made my parents so very proud of me, and it’s given me a level of self-respect and confidence that I never knew I was capable of having. Saying “thank you” simply doesn’t sound strong enough for what I feel towards you all, but it will have to do. Thank you so very much. I love you all.


February 18, 2014.

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2 Responses to One Million Views and Counting

  1. AxelMill98 says:


  2. This is amazing. But it does show that determination and skill will get you places. At least it gave you another regular reader. I have been enjoying your blog for about two years now with no signs of becoming stale. For me it is true: one woman can make a difference. 🙂

    Congratulations, Cathy. And all the best from Germany.

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