Congratulations to Tim Hurley and

Today marks the one year anniversary of, a site run by one of the coolest, kindest, most awesome guys I know, Tim Hurley.  Tim has spent the last year spreading the gospel of Xbox Live Indie Games.  His journey has been similar to mine.  We both didn’t know a whole lot about indies, and we certainly weren’t familiar with the XNA community.  We had no idea how amazing this community would be to us, and how enhanced our lives would be through XBLIGs.

This needs to be a tee shirt. Like, right now.

This needs to be a tee-shirt. Like, right now.

But, I feel that Tim’s contributions have been vastly overlooked.  The guy has been hugely prolific, providing over 150 reviews of XBLIGs, many of which are not covered on any other site.  Like me, his reviews come from the heart and represent his honest and true opinion on games.  He reviews based on how he feels, not on how others might feel.  His method of delivery is very different, but our goals are exactly the same.  He wants to entertain, inform, and shine light on games that are truly deserving of it.  We don’t always agree, but with Tim, I always finish a review knowing exactly what a game is and whether it sounds like something that’s for me.  If that’s not the mark of a gifted writer, I don’t know what is.

Tim has also always been there for me to offer support, advice, and help whenever I need it.  He’s contributed to features here at Indie Gamer Chick when called upon.  He’s acted as a judge in contests, or as a comic foil during Indies in Due Time.  When all is said and done, Tim will go down as pretty much the nicest guy on the XBLIG scene.  That’s a pretty dang good title to have.  And really, the guy needs a big hug.  I mean, his site is THE XBLIG.  Poor guy.  It would be like someone getting a “Disco Will Never Die” tattoo in 1980.  But, I’m sure he would have it no other way.  He’s lived and breathed XBLIG for the last year, and his loyalty to the platform is nothing short of amazing.  It looks like he’ll be making the jump with me towards a PlayStation 4 focus this next generation, and that means we get to stay as connected as ever.  That makes me happy.  Tim, you’ve been my friend and I love you.  The whole XBLIG community loves you.  Congratulations on the anniversary.

And for God’s sake, don’t do  Pick something that will last beyond just a generation, just like you will. 🙂

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3 Responses to Congratulations to Tim Hurley and

  1. Tim Hurley says:

    It seems a little strange (and beyond narcissistic) to comment on an article bearing my name, but ah, what the hell. Thank you, ma’am, for the kind words. I am so appreciative of what you’ve done for me (it was you, in fact, that got people to start visiting the site one year ago today), and for all the support / advice, past and future. Coming from someone I hold a deep reverence for, it means all that much more. Much love and thanks. 🙂

    Yeah, I was more or less in the PS4 boat after E3. I know I’ll eventually own the Xbox One, but it won’t be my ‘lead system’ in the coming generation, much how my PS3 was secondary to the 360 this round (yes, which system to buy first, a rough choice / life). I may have hobbled myself with the website name, though the 360 (and by extension, XBLIGs) still has plenty of juice / games left in it. I’m not too worried about it. Much like you had said in your PS4 article, I agree; indies will be featured prominently on all the systems sooner or later, including Xbox One, just maybe not under the same name / setup. Too much potential money on the table to walk away from.

    Oh, and I suppose I should cancel my hold on It seemed like such a solid choice, though.

  2. Xionix says:

    Is good to know that my top 2 Xbox Live Indie sites out of the two only XBLI I visit are in such good terms!!!!! You two have show me how important a dollar is. Two bad I got the Xbox like 3 months ago so you will not help me as much as you have been doing now. I dont like having more than one console (my brain can’t memorize more than one controller pad at a time). But, if TIm got more than one game in a position in a leaderboard, and games got second chance with the chick, maybe I can cheat the system and buy myself a Vita. But that will depends on the indie games, and that where you will come in. So keep em coming, success to you both lads (although we are probably around the same age).

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