A Quick Apology from Indie Gamer Chick

I would like to apologize to my readers and to Bryan Hendo, developer of Human Subject.  I think my job at Indie Gamer Chick is to properly articulate my feelings on a game, and I think my review Human Subject failed to meet that goal.  I think the review was too negative.  Mind you, every one of my critiques was valid and my true and honest opinion.  However, I don’t believe I focused enough on what I liked about the game.  Its clever level design, which I felt mostly focused on good, twitchy platforming.  I thought saying “I still mildly recommend the game” and placing it on my leaderboard would be enough.  However, most readers took away from my review that I hated Human Subject.  I didn’t.  And that’s a failure on my part.  So, to be clear, Human Subject is deeply flawed, but it’s still worth your 80 Points.  I don’t put anything on my leaderboard that isn’t fun, and I had fun with it.  That’s why I ranked it.  I had a similar problem with my review of Wizorb.  Perhaps in the future I need to reevaluate my reviews more carefully before I publish them.  I’m not proud of either review.  They were hatchet jobs, plain and simple, and that’s not what I’m here to do.



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3 Responses to A Quick Apology from Indie Gamer Chick

  1. kenccone says:

    That took guts Cathy. I’m impressed.


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