Mirror is one of those types of games where you play it and then wonder why nobody has done anything like it before.  For all I know, maybe someone has, but I’ve never played anything quite like it.  The idea is there is a dot on one side of a barrier, and you have to place a dot on where you think the exact mirror image side of that dot is.  It’s so simple, and yet it’s potently addictive.  I wish it was on iPad, because using a joystick to line up the dots is a bit clumsy, but otherwise I thought it was a perfectly good waste of an hour or so.  It was either that or watch Water Polo during the Olympics.  I asked Brian if they’re allowed to drown each-other.  He said no.  Mirror it was then.

Not my most in-depth review, I know, but it’s not exactly a game that lends itself well to my style.  I would like to point out that Mirror is by Silver Dollar Games, who I once kind of scorched on this site back when I first started.   It’s an editorial that I’m not really proud of, and one that I probably shouldn’t have done.  Don’t get me wrong: I think Silver Dollar squanders its talent more than it shows it, but they shouldn’t have been singled out for it.  Of course, the thing about squandering talent is you actually have to have talent to be able to do so.  If you count No Luca No, I’ve played three of their games, and I’ve placed two of those on my leaderboard.  Compare that to Team Shuriken.  I’ve reviewed five of their games, and not one of them has come remotely close to the board.

Sure, their percentage would drop like a rock if I played stuff like Who’s The Daddy? or Cassie’s Animal Sounds.  But if I review stuff like that, I’m sort of missing the point of why I started Indie Gamer Chick.  It might be fun to pick on the stuff you know is bad, like throwing water balloons filled with blue non-non-staining food coloring at the kids from juvenile hall as they do highway litter clean up, but at a certain point it loses its zing.  I don’t think I’m at that point yet, as evidenced by the blue stains on my finger tips, but the time is coming where I’ll get there.  Silver Dollar hasn’t put out a whole lot of new games lately.  They’re focusing on their Dream-Build-Play title One Finger Death-Punch, which looks pretty decent.  What I really hope from these guys is that they have one transcendent, platforming defining hit.  One that doesn’t involve trying to hold a fart in.

Mirror was developed by Silver Dollar Games

80 Microsoft Points want to know when they can take their foot out of their mouth in the making of this review.

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2 Responses to Mirror

  1. I’m confused.. why does it say “Vector 2 games presents”, when it’s a Silver Dollar game?

  2. I have to be honest, after watching the trailer… Try Not To Fart looks kind of fun.

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