Welcome to the Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard.  This is where you’ll find my up-to-date rankings of every indie game (by the criteria I define as indie) I’ve played that has received a “positive” review and thus earned the Indie Gamer Chick Seal of Approval. Remember, all rankings are based on my personal preferences and not anything else.

So how did I determine the order?  Once a game wins the Indie Gamer Chick Seal of Approval, I go to the Leaderboard and compare it to others on the list. I typically start in the center of the board and compare the new game to one of the other ranked games, asking myself if I would rather play the new game or the game already on the board. I keep doing this until I find a spot where I would rather play the game above it, but not the game below it. It’s pretty accurate. However, that opinion can shift based upon reflection or a game receiving its Second Chance.

Total indie games reviewed by Indie Gamer Chick: 580

Total Approved Games: 266

Percentage Approved: 45.86%

Latest Game: Chime Sharp (#56)

Note: some games are approved on some platforms but not others. Only the platforms listed feature an IGC-Approved port of the game.

  1. Dead Cells (XB1, Switch, PS4, PC)

  2. Axiom Verge (PS4)

  3. Shovel Knight (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  4. SteamWorld Dig 2 (Switch, PS4, Vita, PC)

  5. Journey (PS3)

  6. Escape Goat 2 (Steam, PS4)

  7. Kerbal Space Program (PC version only)

  8. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (XB1, PS4, Vita, Switch, Steam)

  9. Sportsfriends (PS4, PS3, PC)

  10. Fez (Vita, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

  11. Kingdom (PC)

  12. The Deadly Tower of Monsters (Steam, PS4)

  13. Undertale (PC)

  14. Bleed 2 (Xbox One, Switch, PS4, Steam)

  15. Escape Goat (XBLIG, PC)

  16. Gunmetal Arcadia Zero (PC)

  17. Chasm (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Vita, Steam)

  18. Infectonator (iOS, Android, PC)

  19. Gateways! (XBLIG, PC)

  20. Terraria (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  21. We Are Cubes (XBLIG)

  22. Shutshimi (PS4, Steam, Wii U)

  23. Dungeon Defenders (XBLA, PS3, PC)

  24. SteamWorld Dig (3DS, PS4, PC)

  25. Magicians & Looters (XBLIG, PC)

  26. Dead Pixels (XBLIG, PC)
  27. The Unfinished Swan (PS3, PS4, Vita)
  28. Yoku’s Island Adventure (PS4, XB1, Switch, PC)
  29. Pix the Cat (Vita)
  30. Chompy Chomp Chomp (XBLIG, PC)
  31. CastleStorm (XBLA, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, PC)
  32. Doki Doki Universe (PS4, PS3, Vita)
  33. OMG-Zombies! / OMG-HD Zombies! (PC, Vita)
  34. Bleed (XBLIG, PC)
  35. Thomas Was Alone (PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, PC)
  36. Papers, Please (PC)
  37. SteamWorld Heist (3DS)
  38. Arcadecraft (XBLIG, PC)
  39. Chester (XBLIG, PC)
  40. Hypership Out of Control / Hypership Still Out of Control (iOS, Steam)
  41. Slayaway Camp (Steam)
  42. Jack N’ Jill DX (Switch, Vita, Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Mobile)
  43. Antipole (XBLIG, DSi, PC)
  44. Miner Dig Deep (XBLIG)
  45. Toki Tori 2+ (Wii U, PC)
  46. Cthulhu Saves the World (XBLIG, PC)
  47. Vintage Hero (XBLIG, PC)
  48. Plague Inc. / Plague Inc.: Evolved (iOS, Android, Steam)
  49. Star Ninja (XBLIG, Windows Phone)
  50. Spelunky (Vita, PS3, PS4, Vita, XBLA)
  51. Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 (PC, XBLIG)
  52. Spyleaks (XBLIG, PC)
  53. Pixel Blocked! (XBLIG)
  54. Aesop’s Garden (XBLIG)
  55. Plug Me (PC)
  56. Chime Sharp (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  57. DLC Quest & DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die (PC, XBLIG)
  58. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC, XBLIG)
  59. Blocks That Matter (PC, XBLIG)
  60. Little Racers STREET (PC, XBLIG)
  61. Clicker Heroes (PC)
  62. Orbitron: Revolution (PC, XBLIG)
  63. Downwell (PC)
  64. Smooth Operators (XBLIG, PC)
  65. Minigame Marathon (XBLIG)
  66. Mount Your Friends (PC, XBLIG)
  67. TIC Part 1 (XBLIG)
  68. Flight Adventure 2 (XBLIG)
  69. Cubixx (PlayStation Mobile)
  70. Ridiculous Fishing (iPhone)
  71. Toki Tori (Wii U, PC)
  72. Circix (Android, iPhone)
  73. Alien Jelly (XBLIG)
  74. Lexiv (XBLIG)
  75. Johnny Platform Saves Christmas (XBLIG)
  76. Wizorb (PC, XBLIG)
  77. Lair of the Evildoer (XBLIG)
  78. Crystal Hunters (XBLIG)
  79. LaserCat (XBLIG, PC)
  80. Breath of Death VII (PC, XBLIG)
  81. Decimation X3 (XBLIG)
  82. Limbo (XBLA, PS3, Vita, PC)
  83. Mystery Castle (PC, Xbox One, Ouya)
  84. Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 (Steam)
  85. Magnetic By Nature (XBLIG)
  86. NOT A HERO (PC)
  87. You Have to Win the Game (PC)
  88. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
  89. Minit (XB1, PS4, Steam)
  90. Marble Masters: The Pit (XBLIG)
  91. Avatar Grand Prix 2 (XBLIG)
  92. qrth-phyl (XBLIG)
  93. Take Arms (XBLIG)
  94. SEAL Team 12 (XBLIG, PC)
  95. Charlie Murder (XBLA)
  96. Hive (PC, XBLIG)
  97. Aqua Kitty (Vita, PC)
  98. The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PS4, PC)
  99. Adventures of Pip (PS4, Steam, Wii U, Xbox One)
  100. Final Flight of the Perseus (iPhone)
  101. Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Wii U, PS3, Steam)
  102. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4, PC)
  103. Space Crüesader (XBLIG)
  104. Diehard Dungeon
  105. Super Win: The Game
  106. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery
  107. Gunslugs (Vita)
  108. LightFish
  109. Video Wars
  110. Quell Memento
  111. Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4
  112. Square Heroes (PS4, Steam)
  113. Wind-Up Knight
  114. Alien Siege
  115. Ninja360°
  116. Shark Attack Deathmatch (XBLIG)
  117. Cosmochoria
  118. Cute Things Dying Violently
  119. Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes
  120. Dark Delve
  121. Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp
  122. The Last Time (Steam)
  123. Super Ninja Warrior Extreme 
  124. Blocks and Tanks (XBLIG)
  125. Andromium
  126. Spermatozoon
  127. The Cannon
  128. Hidden in Plain Sight
  129. Hook (Steam)
  130. Mega Coin Squad
  131. Bug Ball
  132. Platformance: Temple Death
  133. Bird Assassin
  134. Ascent of Kings
  135. Spoids
  136. King Oddball (PlayStation 4, Vita, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac)
  137. Triviador
  138. March to the Moon
  139. Crosstown
  141. Platformance: Castle Pain
  142. Adventure in the Tower of Flight (Steam)
  143. Color Zen (Wii U)
  144. Asphalt Jungle 2
  145. Parasitus: Ninja Zero
  146. Doom & Destiny
  147. Super Dungeon Quest
  148. Parallax
  149. I Made a Game with Zombies in It! 
  150. Clear Vision
  151. Gravity Quest (Steam)
  152. Little Acorns Deluxe
  153. Sherbet Thieves: Moonshine Edition
  154. Pendulous
  155. Squadron Scramble
  156. Block the Laser
  157. Obsessive Collecting Disorder
  158. Bad Caterpillar
  159. The Impossible Game
  160. Growing Pains
  161. Plug & Play
  162. Battle High 2
  163. Crystal Skies
  164. Pixelosity
  165. Dude, Stop (Steam)
  166. Dots
  167. Little Inferno
  168. The Old Tree
  169. Avatar Trivia Party 2
  170. Avatar Trivia Party
  171. Zomp 3: The Quest for Z’s
  172. Don’t Feed the Trolls
  173. Inferno!
  174. EvilQuest
  175. Quiet, Please!
  176. Life of Pixel
  177. Sunny Seeds
  178. Storage Warfare
  179. Cookie Clicker
  180. Sportsball (Wii U)
  181. Baezult (Steam)
  182. Hop Til You Drop
  183. About To Blow Up Part 1
  184. Mr. Gravity
  185. Pingvinas
  186. Blok Drop U (Wii U)
  187. Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie
  188. Blocky
  189. Lots of Guns
  190. Random the Dungeon
  191. Puzzle Cubicle
  192. Who is God
  193. Sushi Castle
  194. Gon’ E-Choo
  195. kubic
  196. Volley
  197. Retrocade: DataStream Y2K600
  198. 48 Chambers
  199. Grand Theft Froot
  200. Elfsquad7
  201. Default Dan
  202. Ocean Drive Challenge
  203. Ramen Ninja
  204. Multitasking
  205. Starzzle
  206. Spectrangle360
  207. Produce Wars
  208. Demon House: FPS
  209. Fly O’Clock (Nintendo Switch, Steam)
  210. Zombie Compound
  211. Blow Me Up
  212. Human Subject
  213. Voxel Runner
  214. MotorHEAT
  215. Mandagon (Steam)
  216. Oozi: Earth Adventures – Ep 2, Ep 3, Ep 4.
  217. Hiiro
  218. Ultimate Dodgeball
  219. Dead Horizon (Steam)
  220. Mirror
  221. Robot Platformer
  222. Trailer Park King Episode 2
  223. Katana Land
  224. Avatar Panic
  225. The Useful Dead
  226. 8BitBoy
  227. Washington’s Wig
  228. Warp Shooter
  229. Shoot 1UP
  230. Footboholics
  231. Defy Gravity
  232. Meep 2 – Jumping Evolved
  233. Trailer Park King 3DD
  234. Maze of Apes
  235. Doc Logic
  236. Trailer Park King
  237. MiG Madness
  238. Pester
  239. Dot Dash: episode 1
  240. Hack This Game
  241. Lucky
  242. Haunt the House: Terrortown
  243. Bungee Ferret Tossing
  244. High Gravity Wells
  245. Nessie
  246. Blockt
  247. Space Cat! (Creators Collection)
  248. Super Skull Smash GO!
  249. Uncraft Me !
  250. Droppin’ Ballz
  251. Flowrider
  252. Bluebones Curse 
  253. Fatal Seduction
  254. Dark Matter
  255. Trivia or Die: Movie Edition
  256. E.Y.E.R.I.S.
  257. Super Brain Eat 3
  258. ERMO (Xbox One Creators Collection)
  259. Puzzled Rabbit
  260. Bureau: Shattered Slipper
  261. Bad Bunny
  262. Kobold’s Quest
  263. Send in Jimmy
  264. Devil Blood
  265. Arcade of Neon
  266. Block Legend DX

18 Responses to Leaderboard

  1. No Mystic Forest, shame on you Kairi !

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  5. William says:

    No voxel games? That’s a shame, I love the concept of procedurally generated worlds and adventures. I hope that the genre isn’t becoming stale, it has a lot of potential.

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  9. Marcus Fant says:

    Wait … where’s MOAR FEZ?! JK, loving the leaderboard concept. I definitely want to try what you have approved here; builds confidence 🙂

  10. tradamtm says:

    How is Journey on Xbox Live?

  11. Im just curious as to where you are drawing the indie line? Journey being your top game really begs the question. It’s a hard line to draw these days but Journey is not thatgamecompany’s first game. It’s not self published seeings as it is a part of a three game contract with sony. And budget is debatable too because while I can’t comment on the numbers I don’t imagine it was an issue. Is it a development team size type deal?

    Just so were clear I am not trying to be rude. I am just curious of your opinion.

    • I tried to nail down the line and determined it was impossible. I base thatgamecompany as Indie because they created and executed Journey with a small house, small budget, and NO oversight from any other company. Sony had no input at all. I debate these issues to this day.

      • Well I think the points for thatgamecompany are debatable considering the budget was in the multimillions and went through two extensions with the help of Sony. In fact there was a little controversy from thatgamecompany for getting royalties when Journey released because Sony had to make back their investment first.


        Sony is great company or so I have heard for giving free reign on projects. But on top of that they dish out a lot of money and a lot of “free marketing” to their publisher funded projects. Hello Games (now widely recognized for No Man’s Sky) reported the reason they landed on Sony’s publisher fund to help was because the xbox market was just too damn scary.

        “”Why choose PSN? It was the only way we could self-publish, XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers.” Sean Murray Hello Games


        But anyways the real point I am trying to make here is that the publisher fund gives matches whatever developers put into their game with the return of exclusivity of a title. Joe Danger was technically developed and sold by Hello Games. They owned the ip and rights to everything as they likely will with No Man’s Sky.

        With thatgamecompany their contract implied that Sony owns the rights to the Flow, Flower, and Journey ip’s which is one of the reasons thatgamecompany was excited to be leaving their contract after Journey. On top of that all three games are published by Sony and not thatgamecompany. So clearly not the same boat.

        I think I went on a tangent there but made my point somewhere. Journey is a big big money title, is not self published, and the intellectual properties are owned by an industry giant.

        More or less this is food for thought. I am not sure they qualify as an indie just for having a small team but there are those that would argue otherwise. Technically the line is supposed to fall on being self published. However if that was the only line then companies like Telltale, Larian, and even the mighty Bethesda, or Valve could be classified as indie.

        I don’t know I think my psychosis is showing but I really like this debate. Sorry if I come across as trolly just a late night I suppose.

        You are right debating this might be more headache then its worth.

        • I completely give up on trying to label indies. I had Castlestorm originally not rated because Zen Studios had worked with the Star Wars IP and was a fairly established studio. But then I got to know their studio heads and i realized these guys operate on a shoe-string budget, nightmare deadlines, etc. That a game like Castlestorm could come from such a studio with all the BS they go through is amazing. They’re indie. Some might disagree.

          If enough people complain about Journey, I’ll put it to a vote if they’re indie or not. If my readers say they’re not, I’ll take them off the Leaderboard and Escape Goat 2 will become #1. My reviews are NOT a democracy, but I suppose whether a game is an indie or not can be.

          • Don’t get me wrong Journey is one of might favourite games of all time. It just seems to have an unfair advantage over others. I haven’t played Escaped Goat 2 but if it’s even half as good as the first I think its deserving.

  12. Demonslate says:

    IGC I am so glad to have found you and your leaderboard. As you know this is the final day of XBLIG and between this page and Co-Optimus I am combing through and buying every decent party game I can. This is an invaluable resource! Both the knowledge that someone cares enough to make a site like this, and your humour in the posts have sweetened what would otherwise be a sad day in gaming. I look forward to playing all your recommendations in the very near future 😀 thank you!

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