Name the Game Contest Winner

Last week I announced a contest.  Twas a fine contest, and many hearty laughs were had.  The object?  Come up with a name for this game.

Dozens of people submitted over a hundred possible names.  The judges mostly were in agreement.  Only one judge held out, and that would be Alan, just because he has to be different, which is why he’s British.  I hear it’s just a phase, and next he’ll be Irish or Scottish or Icelandic or something.  Ryan, Tim, Dave, and game creator Andreas all fell for one particular name so much they declared it the winner today and then proceeded to change the wording of it around.  But, it was the clear favorite (and also would have been my choice if I had been a judge), and so it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner is:


You’ve won 1600 Microsoft Points, a free copy of the game, and your name in the credits.   And what will it be called?  Why, it will be titled Smooth Operators – Call Center Chaos.  Mr. DudeFather actually had the ordering of that in reverse.  He called it Call Center Chaos – Smooth Operators, but the judges liked it the other way around.  Andreas also wanted the Americanized version of the word “Center.”  Which is weird, because I thought Europeans were supposed to be super clingy to their spelling quirks (Alan throws his tea at me every time I spell “color” as “colour”), but I guess he wants to be more commercial.

We’re not done yet, because I was given two bonus copies of the game to give out.  Well, actually I was given one and Brian was given one.  Brian has selected Build-A-Corp by @sparkcloud87.  I’m not sure why, other than Brian’s eternal quest to remain somewhat boring.  No offense Sparky, but I thought the name was dull, but Brian liked how it summed the game up.  Personally, I preferred Case of the Mondays by @GaTechGrad, so I give my free copy to him.  Yea, it’s just a runner-up prize, which is like being rewarded for being the least sucky of all those that suck, but it’s a free game, so suck on, suckers!

Congratulations to DudeFather, the winner.  If you guys want to see more contests like this here, stay tuned.

Smooth Operators – Call Center Chaos is estimated to arrive in September.  I do like the name, even though it sounds like something that would star Quagmire.

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9 Responses to Name the Game Contest Winner

  1. The other judges have no taste!

    Seriously though, Smooth Operators is a solid choice and I wasn’t surprised to see it win. It wasn’t my personal favourite, or top 5, but it’s good.

  2. Oh I thought it was called “Keep Your Staff Happy”, but I guess that other name is all right too…

  3. “Call Center of Duty” was by far the best, as it would have picked up insane traffic from Call of Duty googlers, and close second was “Journey to the Call Center of the Earth”

    Both thought up by me by the way lol 🙂

    Congrats to @the_dudefather for Smooth Operators though (he’s clearly a Sade fan)

  4. Matt says:

    I actually like it the original way better =P

    “Call Center Chaos” is too strong and so it doesn’t really work as a subtitle, whereas Smooth Operators does. It sounds like the game just has two titles, where in the original it was clearly just subtitled. Smooth Operators on its own works great, just not with a subtitle which overpowers it.

    (It’s worth checking out any possible trademark issues on “-Chaos” too, there’s an airport simulator called Air Traffic Chaos and this could realistically be mistaken as being part of some “Chaos” series of games.)

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