Indies in Due Time: Easter Special – April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, and surprise!  Indie Gamer Chick and Brian are here with some new XBLIG trailers for your consumption.   Hit it!

Seal Team 12

Kairi: It’s by Social Loner Studios, the guys who did Bird Assassin.

Brian: I loved that game.

Kairi: You scare me.  Well, it looks like a TwickS version of an old school scrolling-shooter like Ikari Warriors or Commando.

Brian: Looks neat.  Like the graphics, variety of weapons, co-op.

Kairi: I hate playing co-op shooters with you.  You always take the good weapons.

Brian: And you always kill me and take them for yourself.  You know, you could just be lady-like about it and call “dibs.”

Kairi: Calling dibs isn’t lady-like.  It’s child-like.

Brian: And killing someone to get what you want isn’t?

Kairi: No, that’s pretty much as adult as it gets.


Kairi: Well, it’s a punisher, obviously.

Brian: Yea, but a punisher starring a ball.

Kairi: Oh, well then it’s totally original I guess.

Brian: You can be snotty at times.

Kairi: Hey, I’m open to the possibility of every game being good.  This one too.  Special abilities like sticking to walls.  Neato, I guess.

Brian: Feel the enthusiasm.

Boot Hill Heroes

Kairi: Coming soon “with your help.”  Sigh, this Kickstarter thing has really gotten out of hand.

Brian: I like the way it the screens burns into the battle, Bonanza style.

Kairi: Is that Bonanza?

Brian: I think so.

Kairi: It looks kind of like Earthbound.  The trailer was actually pretty boring.  I didn’t get a feel for the game’s personality.  Is it serious?  Is it a comedy?

Brian: Yea, hard to tell.

Troll Rave

Kairi: Well, this is just fucked up.

Brian: Tee hee.

Kairi: You can’t really get a feel for what kind of game it is.

Brian: It says “Action-RPG.”

Kairi: I do like the idea, I guess.

Brian: That’s because people call you a glorified troll.

Kairi: Only when I talk about Sega.

Brian: Sonic The Hedgehog.

Kairi: Most overrated piece of shit game series ever.

Brian: Troll Rave!

Face-Plant Adventures

Kairi: Super Meat Boy meets Little Shop of Horrors.

Brian: Feed me, Seymour!

Kairi: Don’t do that.

Brian: Sorry.

Kairi: Looks like any other Super Meat Boy wannabe.  They can be good, but it comes down to one thing: control.  You have to completely forget you’re holding a controller for these games to work.  Without that quality, you might as well not even bother.

Brian: If you forget you’re holding a controller, wouldn’t that mean your character wouldn’t move?

Kairi: I hate you sometimes.

Unnecessary Violence

Kairi: Jeremy Clarkson’s wet dream.

Brian: Check this out.

Kairi: Did he just fire a nuke?

Brian: He did.

Kairi: Car models are okay, but there’s something weird about the graphics.

Brian: What is it?

Kairi: I dunno.  It almost looks like one of those fake video games they make for television shows, doesn’t it?

Brian: -laughs- I can kind of see that.


Kairi: ..

Brian: ..

Kairi: ..

Brian: ..

Kairi: ..

Brian: ..

Kairi: .. Dammmmmn.

Brian: You said it.

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3 Responses to Indies in Due Time: Easter Special – April 8, 2012

  1. Chounard says:

    I guess I don’t find it as breathtaking as you do. It looks pretty good, but what I really dig is the music.

    I’m not sure I’m sold on the concept, but at least it’s original. I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

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