The Chick’s Monthly Top 10 Update: October 2011

Let’s face it, October was a terrible month for Xbox Live Indie Games.  I played only two titles that truly were leaderboard contenders over the course of the month.  Those would be the dungeon crawler Dark Delve, which barely missed the cut, and airplane simulator Flight Adventure 2.  There were also a few decent titles like Blocky, Pixelosity, and Sherbet Thieves that might be worth a purchase but are hardly the kinds of games you’ll be badgering your friends to download.  Thankfully some really good-looking XBLIGs are on the horizon.  The sky is not falling, people.  It’s just one bad month, not Indie Armageddon.

Of course, I also did my first Xbox Live Arcade review this month.  So why isn’t Dungeon Defenders making the leaderboard?  It’s a matter of fairness.  Putting a game with about twenty times the budget, a publisher, and a built-in following against Xbox Indies is like having a high school football team take on the Raiders.  So there probably will not be a leaderboard for Live Arcade games in the near future.  This is also because they take longer to play and longer to write the review for.  It will likely be months before I’ve even reviewed ten.  Even though I plan on covering more platforms in the near future, will continue to focus primarily on Xbox Live Indie Games until the platform no longer exists.  Which, if you believe the naysayers, could be just a few months.

Besides, I think Dead Pixels is better than Dungeon Defenders.  There, I said it.

So it’s time for the leaderboard recap.  There’s not a lot of changes this month.  I guess this balances last month out.  Oh, and I wrote them in haiku form, which I’m sure I’ll regret about ten seconds after publishing.

#10 Andromium (Red Crest Studios)

Hot potato in space.

No shooting or power-ups.

I blew myself up.

#9 Flight Adventure 2 (CAVOK Games)

Fly a Mustang high.

Charles Lindbergh I am not.

Crashed often I did.

#8 Johnny Platform Saves Christmas (Ishisoft Games)

Christmas came early.

Puzzles and platforms mix well.

Life system still sucks.

#7 Blocks That Matter (Swing Swing Submarine)

Puzzles that are tough.

Rewards that are amazing.

Sequel me up boys.

#6 Star Ninja (Bounding Box Games)

Physics with ninja stars.

They bounce around like rubber.

Pirates go bye-bye.

#5 TIC: Part 1 (RedCandy Games)

Hello? Sequel please!

Screen shots or trailer perhaps?

Damn you Red Candy!

#4 Chester (BBG Games)

They keep adding more.

I have become worried now.

Please don’t ruin it.

#3 LaserCat (MonsterJail Games)


Hey, that is five syllables!

This shit is easy.

#2 Antipole (Saturnine Games)

Reverse gravity.

Run across the ceiling top.

Hey look, it is Kraid!

#1 Dead Pixels (CSR Studios)

DLC Coming.

Featuring the Gear-Fish twats.

I can hardly wait.

Yes, IndieGamerChick has now reached a new low.  Well, that’s it for another month.  Until next time, do the Mario!

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One Response to The Chick’s Monthly Top 10 Update: October 2011

  1. s1yfox says:

    its been pretty slow on the indie front, but i have strong speculations for amazing games to arise this winter

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