Don’t Feed the Trolls

To anyone who says that online leaderboards don’t make a difference and are unnecessary, I no longer have to call you an airheaded douchebag.  Nope, instead I can just point to Don’t Feed the Trolls and say “that.”  Without online  leaderboards, it’s a glorified minigame that you would play for about five minutes and then never touch again.  With them, it’s a glorified minigame that you’ll play for an hour or so trying to land a nice spot on the list.  And hell, you might even go back and try again later.  I would say that’s a significant difference.

Don’t Feed the Trolls is a reflex-tester.  The screen is divided into four sectors, one for each of the face buttons.  When a bear pops up, you hit the button that corresponds to the sector they’re standing in.  When a troll pops up, you hit the left stick in that direction to slap it.  Every level, a new type of bear or troll is thrown at you that slightly changes up the gameplay.  Okay, okay, it really is just a stupid minigame.  But I’ll be damned if it isn’t addictive.  This won’t be the type of game that you go back to again and again, but for a buck it’s a nice way to murder an hour.  Brian and I both groaned when the developer challenge for this arrived, but it wasn’t so bad.  In fact, there was no point where I wasn’t having a good time with Don’t Feed the Trolls.  So this gets my endorsement, as there’s nothing at all really wrong with it.  It’s not deep or complex, but it is fun, and that’s what should count.  Such a shame, because if I hated it I could have made so many awful jokes, like “This game is Un-BEAR-able” or “I know I get accused of TROLLing but this is ridiculous.”  Sigh, so many of my puns are victims of good games.  Light a candle in their honor tonight, and let us mourn.

The blue "Indie Games" tag is what truly is unBEARable. Booyah! Worked it in there!

Don’t Feed the Trolls was developed by Frozax Games

80 Microsoft Points forget about their worries and their strife in the making of this review.

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