Rocks. In. Spaaace!

There’s not a whole lot to say about Rocks. In. Spaaace!  It’s a horizontal space-shooter, just without any shooting.  You steer a spaceship around flying meteors, asteroids, bigger asteroids, and comets.  Along the way you can boost with the right trigger and break with the left one.  You have a limited amount of booster fuel, but there’s so many pick-ups that it’s almost impossible to run out of.  There’s four levels of play and you can unlock extra ships that steer better or are faster.  That’s pretty much it.

I do have to say that of all the challenges I’ve received from developers, this was the easiest to do.  The whole thing took me about twenty minutes to play through.  So was it any good?  Not really.  Quite frankly it was really boring.  All you do is move up and down and dodge rocks.  Yippie.  Meanwhile, the graphics are really dark, so seeing the asteroids is a challenge on its own.  The developer helpfully has offered the option to turn up the brightness level, but it still doesn’t really help all that much.  On the stage with the large asteroids the entire backsides of them are obscured in darkness and you can’t always see if you’re flying into empty space or the ass end of 2060 Chiron.  The game also violates a personal pet-peeve of mine by offering local-only high scores.  Overall, Rocks. In. Spaaace! is pretty dull, but I can still say with total honesty that it’s more entertaining than Deep Impact.

Rocks. in. Spaaace! was developed by RZ Games

80 Microsoft Points were a little too young to appreciate the Muppet Show reference in the making of this review.


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