A Public Apology to DoubleDutch Games

UPDATE: The corrected review of SpeedRunner HD is now posted, and you can read it here.

Whether people who read me believe it or not, I take my role as a game critic seriously.  And like anyone who would devote this much time to their blog, I also want to be taken seriously.  When I play a game to review for IndieGamerChick.com, I make the best effort to complete the game as much as possible (or as much as I can tolerate) and include all of a game’s features.  It’s not going to be good for my credibility to leave aspects of a game out.  And I feel it’s even worse to spread misinformation.  Unfortunately, I’ve done just that.

In my review of SpeedRunner HD by Double Dutch games, I noted that I felt multiplayer was too shallow and didn’t offer enough maps.  I claimed the game only had one map for multiplayer.  In fact, it has five.  This wasn’t due to a glitch or anything on DoubleDutch’s part, just my own impatience and stupidity.  When you enter multiplayer mode for the first time, the game automatically calls up a tutorial explaining how the game is played.  I actually had already explained to my playing partner the mechanics of the game, so I got a little stabby with the A button to skip the dialog.  I believe doing this caused me to skip the level select screen and pass straight through to the default map, as I certainly don’t remember seeing a level select screen.

My review noted that I found SpeedRunner HD to not offer enough for its price.  Well, the game has five-times the maps for the multiplayer mode than I thought.  For that reason I’ve retracted my review for SpeedRunner HD and will redo it sometime today once I’m able to get a good solid play-through using the other four maps that I missed.

I want to apologize to DoubleDutch Games for incorrectly stating that  your game offered significantly less multiplayer than in this.  And I want to apologize to my readers for misinforming you and failing you as a game critic.  Will my overall opinion of SpeedRunner HD change?  Maybe.  Probably not.  But the amount of content contained in the game was a significant part of my critique and I based it on incorrect information.  I don’t know what to say other than I’ll try not to embarrass myself like this again.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go comically bang my head on a desk a few times.

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