Indies in Due Time: August 26, 2011

Kairi and Brian back with another edition of Indies in Due Time.  These are games coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games.  Our unfiltered comments are below each trailer.

Dead Pixels

Kairi: If they made M rated games in 1988, this is what you would have.

Brian: Looks like it has randomly generated weapons, ala Diablo.

Kairi: Really, it does look fun, but maybe potentially repetitive.

Brian: Who doesn’t love lighting a group of zombies on fire with a Molotov cocktail?

Kairi: Zombies.

Brian: Zombies don’t love anything.

Kairi: Except Brains.

Brian: Or Xbox Live Indie Games.

Kairi: Which is ironic, because those usually lack brains.


Kairi: This is by the Volchaos guy.

Brian: It looks better than Volchaos.

Kairi: Yea it does.  Sort of like Alien Zombie Megadeath on the Playstation Network.

Brian: Why isn’t he shooting straight up?

Kairi: I dunno.

Brian: He’s shooting at a 45° angle.

Kairi: Well there, he just shot straight up at the end.

Brian: So why didn’t he shoot straight up before then?

Kairi: Homophobia. He was afraid of seeing ghostly cock and getting aroused.

Brian: No health bar.

Kairi: Oh say it ain’t so.

Brian: Prettttttttyyyyyy sure.

Kairi: Sigh.

Dawn of Ronin

Kairi: Dawn of Ronin = Feudal Limbo

Brian: It looks good, but half the character is obscured in the bushes.  In Limbo, the character was always in the foreground.

Kairi: Yea, it has the potential to get messy.

Brian: It has the potential to look really good though.

Kairi: Yea it does.  Educational too.  If my house is ever on fire and the fire department is late, I just need to stab someone through the stomach with a Samurai sword and point them towards the blaze.

Brian: Who says video games aren’t educational?


Kairi: This game.. looks amazing.

Brian: Wow.

Kairi: The enemies don’t look like they take all day to kill.  There’s pie in your eye, Raventhorne.  And the gameplay changes depending on your sword.

Brian: It looks like you develop your sword throughout the game too.

Kairi: Okay, I’m now officially hyped.

Brian: That or it’s really cold in here.


Kairi: That’s not spelled wrong, by the way.

Brian: A space shooter mixed with some RTS elements?

Kairi: Looks damn fine.  Fairly complicated too.  There’s more to this one than meets the eye.

Brian: You can post your sub-ships like sentry guns.

Kairi: Build new units and fly in different formations.

Brian: There looks like a lot going on at once.

Kairi: It will be tough to juggle everything.  But it looks good.

Brian: Of course, Raventhorne looked good.

Kairi: Thanks for the reminder.

Brian: Anytime.

Kolbold’s Quest

Kairi: This one is in peer review right now.

Brian: Guess that means you’ll want a piece of it soon.

Kairi: Well, it does look good.  I mean, they made fun of their own generic plot.  Truth in advertising is always a good thing.

Brian: So you’re playing together but competing.  Nice.

Kairi: Tell me this fucker has online play.


Kairi: Doesn’t look bad.  I like that the camera pulls back to give you the largest view of the track.

Brian: It looks sort of like Super Off-Road.  Honestly I don’t think it looks that good.  Looks like you will bounce off the walls often.

Kairi: Controls could be an issue. And I think there was a boat version of Super Off-Road.

Brian: I wish it played more like the 3-D shots it showed, instead of the overhead view.  Honestly Kairi, I don’t think this one will float your boat.

Kairi: Ohhh I see what you did there.

Space Fighter 4000

Kairi: Sweet.

Brian: I know, right?  And you haven’t tackled a flying game yet.

Kairi: Smooth scrolling, minimal fogging.  Okay, it looks good.

Brian: It doesn’t look like the AI is unfair, and health regenerates.

Kairi: It kind of reminds me of Star Wars: Rogue Leader on the Gamecube.

Brian: I could have sworn I saw Flash Gordon’s ship.

Kairi: Oh you see that everywhere.

Brian: It’s real and it’s stalking me.

That’s it this week.  If you have an upcoming game, drop me a line and I’ll try to include in next week’s episode.  If you have a game but need help making a trailer, you should ask Ryan at Vintage Video Games for help, as he offers this service for free (although you should donate if you ask for help).  Until next time everybody, I’m not a troll but I play one at!

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4 Responses to Indies in Due Time: August 26, 2011

  1. Edgar Alan says:

    Nastier looks like a souped up version of its predecessor Nasty, which I really enjoyed playing. It was kind of a cross between Bubble Bobble and Contra and I’d recommend giving it a go if you haven’t already (I think it recently dropped in price to just 80MSP too!).

  2. Hey, thanks for putting my game on here!

    I honestly had no idea until I just happened upon this page 😀 I’m William, designer of Kobold’s Quest. I just wanted to let you know that while our initial release of Kobold’s Quest is local 1-4 player only, we are working on a patch to allow online play which should be ready in about a month and a half to two months. We just are trying to fix the lag issues associated with our physics engine… It doesn’t play nicely with the lite .net frame work the 360 is anchored with. Online multiplayer for our PC build is already running strong in contrast.

    I know, excuses, excuse, but I thought I’d give you an honest heads up. Of course the patch will be free (duh) and we do apologize for it not being in the initial launch. We are essentially running on fumes at SuckerFree Games and are having to relocated work spaces (we are moving offices/living quarters) so things are a bit stressful on our end and needed some kind of cash flow to keep Dungeons: the Eye of Draconus going.

    Thank you again,

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