Indies in Due Time: August 19, 2011

Welcome to the first installment of Indies in Due Time.  I guess the idea is going to be my BFF Brian and myself will look at trailers and comment on them.  Without further ado, here’s the trailers.

All the Bad Parts

Targeted for release on August 29.

Kairi Says: Looks a bit slow.

Brian Says: Looks like it might have a few clever ideas but poorly executed.  Nice graphical style though.

Let’s Get Fiscal

Target Date: Within two months.

Kairi: The fuck?

Brian: Looks like it could be funny.

Kairi: Well there’s also gameplay footage.

Brian: Um, interesting.

Kairi: Holy generics, Batman! 

Brian: If you like that style of game, it looks like it could be fun.

Meep 2: Jumping Evolved

Currently In Review, will be released shortly.

NOTE: All non-Uprising reviews will likely be put on hold Monday until the Uprising has ended.

Kairi: Who Is God without the sacrilege?

Brian: Doesn’t look like much of a challenge.

Kairi: Doesn’t look bad, but these games are all over the marketplace right now.  Bad timing to release against Who Is God which did so well with it.

Chain Crusher

Currently in Review, will be released shortly.

Kairi: What am I missing?

Brian: When the ships blow up, they blow up other ships.

Kairi: Neat, I guess.  Doesn’t look like they’re close enough together to set off reactions.  Boss battle thingy was clever.


Unknown release window.

Kairi: Looks awesome.  Very clever.

Brian: Indeed.

Kairi: This was entered into Dream-Build-Play but did not make the short list.

Brian: That’s disappointing.

Kairi: Well yea, they had to make room for Oozi: Earth Adventures.

That’s it’s this week, guys.  When Brian returns from his vacation I’ll without question being doing more trailers every week.  Hard to do this with him while he’s in Florida and I’m in California.  I blame his parents for moving so far away.

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