Update: CTG is no longer available following the great XBLIG purge. No port exists. 

Question for the guys at DeRail Games: What the FUCK?

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you guys?  You try to make a retro-style game, a sort of cross between Breakout and Buster Bros., and then you throw in an exploding cat’s head and some kind of vendetta against grandparents or the Rascal corporation.   I guess it would be okay if the game was in the slightest bit fun.  The controls scheme is awful, most of the weapons are useless, there’s something off about the gravity physics, and the graphics are butt ugly.  I would sooner recommend snorkeling in acid than playing this tripe.

CTG was developed by DeRail Games

xboxboxart80 Microsoft Points were pissed away in Grandma’s Depends brand adult diapers in the making of this review.

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