I’m Indie Gamer Guy, and I Needed This

So, it seems I am the now the Indie Gamer Guy. I’m totally cool with this. Let me tell you why:

I’ve done some fairly decent things in my writing career. I’m not going to get into a list of credits and all that here, but if you want you can check out my ABOUT ME page and that will give you a pretty decent overview of my working life.

Due to some recent developments in both my personal and professional life, I was in a existential crisis of sorts. I just wasn’t “getting” anything at all and nothing seemed to be clicking for me on various levels. To quote a classic Weezer song: “The world had turned and left me here.”

Yeah, yeah, I know. How maudlin and downright emo of me, right? If any of you out there actually thought that while reading the paragraph above you can kiss my lily white ass. Twice.

Anyway, like a bolt out of the hand of almighty Zeus himself, I saw a seemingly innocuous tweet from Cathy: “Brian and I are open to trying out guest writers for PC coverage, provided that they buy their own games and write unflinching reviews.”

That simple tweet brought order to the tumultuous chaos that was swirling in my mind for the past couple weeks…and I knew what I had to do: I had to join her on her quest to provide the internet with bullshit free video game content on Indie Gamer Chick.com.

I don’t mean to sound angry or bitter…but I am tired, man, goddamn tired of chasing editors who don’t fucking respond to the simplest of queries and pandering to PR twats who truly DO NOT give a rat’s ass about video games; it’s just another product, another stupid widget, to them.

If I joined forces with Cathy I could write what I want, how I want, when I want. All of the worries; all of the shackles would be removed. I would have the fresh perspective that I really and truly needed.

So, I sent her an email expressing my interest and here we are. I’m the Indie Gamer Guy. And I like it. Very much.

And, much like her, I want you indie developers to impress and inspire me. When I play your games, I so very much want to be that 14-year-old kid again who has gotten a 5 1/4 floppy disk full of new and unknown C64 games from my friend at school. Understand that. I want your games to take me to new places, explore new worlds and most of all be FUN…without all the hype and razzle-dazzle that accompany most of today’s titles. But most of all, I want you to restore my faith in the industry, and hobby, I love a great deal. Can you and your games do that? I sincerely hope so, my indie friend…

I’m primarily going to be covering PC games, while Cathy will stick to the console titles. I am also going to have my very own Leaderboard in the near future. It will be open for sponsorship and all monies are directly given to the charities by the developer. Those charities are either Autism Speaks or the Epilepsy Foundation.

I look forward to working and interacting with all of you.

~ Jerry Bonner, The Indie Gamer Guy

16 Responses to I’m Indie Gamer Guy, and I Needed This

  1. Welcomen then, Indie Gamer Guy!

  2. J-R says:

    You should’ve called yourself the Indie Gamer Dude, would’ve fit more with this blog’s theme.

    Oh well. Good to meet ya.

  3. Indie Gamer Guy says:

    As I explained on Twitter I avoided “Dude” because I have too much respect for Lebowski to steal his moniker. And I won’t piss on his carpet either…

  4. Going to start you off with some heavy questions: What is your view on nostalgia? Are we going to see some conflicting opinions between the indie duo?

    • Indie Gamer Guy says:

      I’m sure at some point Cathy and I will disagree on something or other…but, for now, think of us as opposite sides of the same coin.

      I’m cool with nostalgia, and I do love me some old school, retro games…BUT…some of them just do not hold up so well.

  5. Tim Hurley says:

    Welcome, Jerry. I look forward to the reading.

  6. AxelMill98 says:

    I’m looking forward for your reviews.

  7. bitserum says:

    Hello indie gamer guy, looking forward to you PC games reviews. Would like to know what are some of recent indie games that made you feel like a 14-year old again?

    • Indie Gamer Guy says:

      Limbo is definitely one that pops to mind immediately. Amnesia was very cool as well. I’m also very psyched for Gunpoint’s release on Monday… :^)

  8. julenisse50 says:

    Check out the blog of my team, Pixygon. Most of what you listed is our goal. To bring back your inner child, and send you to another, gigantic world!

  9. Meg Stivison says:

    Congrats! I always love your writing and am looking forward to more interesting indies without the PR bullshit.

    But you’re still Indie Gamer Old Guy to me…

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