Avatar Trivia Online

Avatar Trivia Online is no longer for sale.  Instead, it’s been replaced with Avatar Trivia Party.  See that review here

Um, let’s see.  Hmmmm.  I’ll take Xbox Live Indie Games.

The question is: what is the latest release by Red Crest Studios, the guys behind the #9 game on the Indie Gamer Chick All-Time Top 10 list, Andromium?

Andromium 2: Andromiumer?

Sorry, no.  The correct answer is Avatar Trivia Online.  Please select a new category.

Ah crap.  Okay, let’s see, how about..

Actually no, you don’t get to choose categories.  We just throw random questions at you.  The next question is, how many players does Avatar Trivia Online support?

Um, zero?

Wow, you are kind of dumb.  The correct answer is 16.

Boy, that’s a lot of players!

Indeed it is.  Next question: in a trivia video game, what is the most efficient way to be able to answer questions?

Well that would be mapping an answer to each of the four face buttons.

Danny, Tin, and Hipster are all legally retarded.

That is correct!  Next question: how are the questions answered in Avatar Trivia Online?

Um, the efficient way?

Oh sorry, you have way too much faith here.  The correct answer is you have to clumsily scroll through a list of the answers.

No way.  They couldn’t have missed something that obvious.

They could have and they did.  Now, would you like to know your score?

Well, I’ve missed a lot of questions already so probably not.

That’s good, because in Avatar Trivia Online, no score is kept.  At all.

You’re joking, right?


So it’s a trivia game that doesn’t keep score?  It doesn’t even tell you how many questions you yourself have answered correctly?

That is correct.

Why on Earth would anyone want to play that?  If it doesn’t keep score, and it doesn’t offer any different modes of play besides “answer this trivia question”, what does the game offer that couldn’t be accomplished by just randomly asking questions on a message board, or on Twitter or something?

Oh, well, um, being the host and everything, I wasn’t expecting to be asked questions myself.  I suppose for those things you don’t have to pay $1 to have meaningless social trivia.  I guess that’s actually not a good thing, is it?

No.  No it’s not.

Oh oh oh oh oh, wait, I know.  In those things, you don’t get to use your Xbox Avatar!  That’s a big deal!

Dude, I’m so over my avatar.  I see it every time I boot up my Xbox.  And in this type of game, where you don’t even have direct control over it, the only reason for it to even exist is because there’s a lot of especially thick casual gamers out there who make a big deal of seeing a cartoon version of themselves.  It screams “empty cash grab.”

Well, I suppose you’re right.  It also doesn’t help that Avatar Trivia Online isn’t tailored for playing with your friends.  You’re placed in a random room and have to invite them into the game with you midway through a question.  Of course, since the game doesn’t keep score, it’s not like they’re going to miss out on points or anything.

This doesn’t sound like a very good game.  The whole point of online games is they are supposed to be competitive.  Well it’s hard to have a competition if nobody keeps score.  I’m actually not bothered by questions frequently repeating, because that happens in all trivia games besides maybe the recent You Don’t Know Jack.  Still, I think gamers should likely pass on this one.

Kairi, that is correct!  Congratulations, you’ve won the game!

Really?  Oh my God!  This is the greatest moment of my life!  What did I win?

I dunno.  Since there’s really no way to “win” Avatar Trivia Online, I don’t know what kind of prize to give you here.  How about inner peace?

Inner peace?  How am I supposed to shop with that?

Avatar Trivia Online was developed by Red Crest Studios

80 Microsoft Points took Anal Bum Cover for 400 please Alex in the making of this review.

A review copy of Avatar Trivia Online was provided by Red Crest Studios to IndieGamerChick.com in this review.  The copy played by the Chick was purchased by her with her own Microsoft Points.  The review copy was given to a friend with the sole purpose of helping the Chick test online multiplayer.  That person had no feedback in this article.  For more information on this policy, please read the Developer Support page here

Please donate to Extra Life, a promotional event that shows gaming geeks have heart, and help make a difference in the lives of the next generation of gamers. 

I couldn’t find a video or trailer for this game.  Check back later and I’ll edit one in if it goes up.

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3 Responses to Avatar Trivia Online

  1. Craig says:

    “Inner peace? How am I supposed to shop with that?”
    Girls are such funny creatures! XD

    Funniest review I’ve read so far from the Chick. I really like your reviews. Instead of saying “This game is awesome” multiple times in a row for every game you review, you practically CRAP ALL OVER PEOPLE’S GAMES. And what’s even more exciting, is the fact that your reviews are even more justified by the fact that most people’s games SUCK ASS and that YOU BOUGHT THEM.

    You are my hero. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. And I’m glad it’s the Chick. 😀

  2. Adman says:

    Awesome review. I’m your new biggest fan.

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