The Cannon

UPDATE: This title recieved a Second Chance with the Chick.  Read it for’s definitive review of The Cannon.

Any of you developers out there looking for definitive proof that the peer-review system of Xbox Live Indie Games doesn’t work, the proof you’ve wanted has finally arrived.  Just point to The Cannon, a game that I couldn’t review because it crashed almost immediately both times I attempted to play it.   And I truly mean crashed, as I couldn’t even use the guide button and had to hold the power button on my Xbox to reboot.  Both times I tried to play the campaign mode and it crashed on the first level, once when I died and once when I beat the first wave of baddies.  I guess the tutorial was nice though.  Not 80 Microsoft Points nice, but nice.  Sort of like a shot of lidocaine before the catheter is inserted.

The Cannon was developed by Elemental Focus

80 Microsoft Points reenacted the 1844 USS Princeton incident (Google it) in the making of this review.

UPDATE: I’m told a fix is in the works and they’ll get back to me.

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