Them Blockz

Them Blockz is a puzzler where you must get colored cubes into their designated holes on the map.  You have a starter cube that you move around each board.  Every colored block you touch sticks to your cube, along with any blocks that touch the one you’re holding.  Just find the matching colored holes and return the blocks to them.

This is actually one of the most broken puzzle games I’ve ever played.  The controls are very unresponsive, and sometimes the game just flat out refuses to acknowledge that you are moving the analog stick.  There’s no option to use the digital pad, and thus you’re going to have to deal with multiple instances of having the sluggish controls force you to restart a room.  This is especially annoying in later stages where you have to make precise movements and avoid bumping into other blocks.

I don’t even know if having the D-pad would have mattered anyway.  Them Blocks is really boring with or without proper control.  The concept simply doesn’t work as a console release.  Like most XBLIG puzzle games, this would have been better suited for the Android market.  It would have still been as bland as a bread-and-nothing sandwich but at least it could have been bland in smaller bites.

Them Blockz was developed by GLHF Games

80 Microsoft Points fell into a hole in the making of this review.

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One Response to Them Blockz

  1. GLHF Games says:

    Thanks for your review, to bad you didnt like the game!

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