Hack This Game

Update: Hack this Game is no longer available following the great XBLIG purge. No port is known to exist.

Hack This Game features 24 puzzles that each require a five-key code to solve.  Each code is made up only of the ABXY buttons and nothing more.  Using the on-screen clues, you have to figure out the order to push the buttons.  Get the right order, move on.  The puzzles range from mind-numbingly easy to W-T-F hard, but anyone who’s into math or logic puzzles should have no problem finishing this in about an hour.  Still, I can honestly say I got $1.00 worth of entertainment out of it.

If this sounds like your type of thing, it costs the same as a lottery ticket and it’s bound to give you a lot more entertainment.  The only problem is a series of infuriating quick-time sequences that feel completely out of place.  To get to the final four puzzles you have to complete twenty of these, with less time for each.  I was convinced it was impossible and only managed to do it when the final couple sequences only required two different buttons.  Also worth noting is while attempting to reach twenty of these, the game crashed.  Twice.  And if I hadn’t finished it when I did it would have crashed a third time after my Xbox would have been hurled out the window in a fit of rage.

Crashes aside, I enjoyed playing Hack This Game because upon completion of the final puzzle, I felt oddly superior.  Nothing here should be so challenging that it requires a degree in Smartassery with an FU in Insane Logic from the University of Smugness, but it’s challenging enough to feel good about completing.  Anyone should be able to solve all the puzzles on here without resorting to a Google search.  Well, except for the Morse Code one.  Seriously guys, the hell?  Like anyone uses that shit anymore.

Hack This Game was developed by Utopioneer Games

80 Microsoft Points .-- . .-. . /  ... .--. . -. - /  -- .- -.- .. -. --. /  - .... .. ... /  .-. . ...- .. . .--

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