#IndieSelect Rules

This is NOT a terms of service agreement. These are the rules for getting a free game. You really ought to read them since if you follow the rules, you stand to get a TON of free games from me.

Also, these rules were originally written here, by me. If someone is copying them, I have nothing to do with them. Always double check to make sure the event is being run by me and not someone copying me in a desperate, pathetic attempt at trying to buy popularity.

Also, the name is #IndieSelect, not Indie Select or IndieSelect. The # is part the name.

#IndieSelect In a Nutshell

The idea is simple: I give you a free copy of an indie game. In exchange, you agree to play that game ASAP (prioritizing it above all other games in your queue) and talk about the game on social media.

That’s it. That’s the catch in its entirety. Well, mostly. In order to create a better word-of-mouth effect, we do require you to include screenshots or clips of the game you took yourself in your social media postings. We also ask that if you’re able to stream a game on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube, you do so. We even have a team on standby to help you set up the ability to stream. You are expected to do more than one single tweet, and we’re not counting pictures of title screens. Show off the gameplay.

And we require you to be fully honest about the games you play. Talk about the good stuff AND the bad stuff. This is not a bribe for good feedback. Full, unfiltered feedback is 100% required to take part in #IndieSelect.

But otherwise, nope, that’s really it. Ask for a game, get the game. And if you do the rules, you can come back and get more games until I run out of inventory. Some people have gotten over 100 games from me in 2018 alone.

Pretty cool, huh? Now, here’s the rules. And you know I’m serious about them because I’m making the letters extra-large.

If you made it this far, when asking for a game from me (@IndieGamerChick on Twitter) say “Indies are funky!” so I know you actually did read them. But seriously, keep reading more.

#IndieSelect Rules


-Nobody is entitled to receive games during #IndieSelect. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially if your name is Marvin. We have to take a stand somewhere, and we draw the line at people named Marvin. Marvin is a silly name, and people named Marvin shouldn’t be welcomed with open arms in the gaming community. Go back to your Garden next to Ventor Ave.

-All accounts created from August 2018 to the present are subject to review by members of Indie Gamer Team to determine eligibility.

-Any account we deem to be “inactive” is ineligible to participate in #IndieSelect. If you just woke from a seven month coma, I don’t know what to tell you. I tried warning you not to try drinking antifreeze.

-Accounts used primarily to enter contests are also ineligible, for a wide variety of reasons. Historically, #IndieSelect never hears back from 95% of them again after they get the free game. Such accounts are also used by people to cheat and try to win contests by entering multiple times, and they have been caught many times trying to get multiple codes from our events. So we just straight up banned all of them. If this means you missed out, I don’t know what to say. Good luck winning that Deadpool Funko figurine.

-If you were delinquent during a previous #IndieSelect event and didn’t hold-up your end of the agreement (which is literally just play the game and make a few tweets giving opinions on it, not exactly asking for the world) you’re ineligible to receive games during #IndieSelect. We’ve also had a problem with people who receive games for one event, don’t do their part, then suddenly decide to start doing their part months later when a new event is announced. It shouldn’t take the prospect of more free games to do the thing you agreed to in the first place and frankly you’re kind of stupid for not realizing I would do more events.

-We have to disallow people who habitually run contests from participating outright. Those who do must be accepted on a case by case basis. We’ve had too many people try to use #IndieSelect as a source for codes for contests, or take codes from us and then use codes devs provide them later under the guise of reviewing to run contests.

Getting Codes

-NEVER send me a DM asking for a game. And please don’t message me outside offer tweets asking for codes. When an offer tweet goes up, you reply directly to that tweet, following the instructions in that tweet (usually requiring you to state the platform & region you want the code from) and I’ll DM you a code as soon as I see it.

-Please be patient. I distribute all codes by hand and it’s a process getting them out. Wait at least an hour before nudging me, but if it’s been an hour, feel free to. If I miss you, it’s probably not out of malice. Probably.

-Always scroll down past the initial offer tweet to see if I’ve replied to the first tweet to note that I’ve run out of inventory of the game being offered for certain platforms or regions.

-Turn your DMs on. I know you THINK they’re on, but if you didn’t follow my account, they’re probably not. Make sure I can DM you the code. My only other options are to send you the code via carrier pigeon or Morse Code. If things get busy, I’m going to just skip the people who don’t turn them on without notice.

-Turn your DM notifications on. Some of you are asking for codes and then disappearing and not claiming the codes, then getting mad at me when I deactivate the codes I sent  you, as if it’s my fault you have the attention span of a gnat.

-You must cash in all the codes that you receive immediately. Do not take a code you are unable to cash in at that very moment. All major platforms have a web application you can use to cash in the codes. If you can reply to a tweet at work, you can cash in a code at work.

-You may not trade or sell any codes you take for featured games. We have users not participating in handouts on standby to attempt to disable all codes within two hours. If they successfully cash a code in, they keep the game and you get banned. I really hate those guys and thrive on their misery, so don’t let them get the games I want you to get. Cash in right away.

-You can’t claim codes for a friend or family member. The games are for your personal use. Besides, your family and friends didn’t read the rules.

Please don’t take codes for games you already own unless I’ve specifically opened up “Trophy Stacking” for players. If you have the Switch version of Incredible Rat Boy Adventures, it’d be insanely greedy to take the PlayStation 4 version just for the sake of padding your collection. We’re also aware that some games have trophies tied to different regions. Same deal: don’t take games you already own in different regions for the sake of padding your trophy count. Not cool, guys.

-You can’t claim a code to give away on your site or social media accounts for a contest or to giveaway as part of a charity or fundraising event. You need to go to the developers directly and get your own supply. If you’re not a douchebag, I’d be more than happy to introduce you to the participating developers. If you are a douchebag, I have some developers I don’t like that I’d also be happy to introduce you to as well. Just promise to be every bit as annoying to them as you are to me.

Trophy Stacking

A quirk of the PS4/Vita trophy system is that if you play different region versions of the same game, you get different trophies. Thus, trophy hunters can get credit for a game twice.

We’re experimenting with it. These are the guidelines for those who wish to stack trophies. Please note, not every game we’re doing we’re allowing stacking for. If supplies are limited, we have to forbid it so that we get as many new players with the game, talking about it and able to create word-of-mouth as possible.

-Please give those who have never played the game before a fair chance to grab the codes before stepping up. These events are designed to get people talking about the games and create word of mouth for the developers and their projects. The less people talking, the less impact we have.

-If you’re taking a game with the intent of stacking, you must declare that you are trophy stacking when making the request.

-Everyone who takes a code for the purpose of trophy stacking is expected to follow all #IndieSelect rules related to the game. If you’ve already done it as part of a past #IndieSelect event, do it again. Find new things to talk about if possible.

-Trophy Stackers can still only take one copy per game per event. Don’t request both an North American and European code. You can only have one or the other, but not both. Don’t be greedy. Codes are not unlimited and there’s other people who want to get the games. A great way you can show your support for the program is taking the code from one region and buying from another.

Playing the Games

-Begin playing the games ASAP. And by ASAP, we’d prefer you play them the same day. We’ll allow a window of 72 hours though. Do not take a game you can’t play immediately or won’t have the time to put in a good, productive play-session of. If you need more time, please clear it with us before doing anything.

-You are expected to prioritize #IndieSelect games you get over any other games you’ve recently gotten. Don’t take a game from us and put off playing it. The majority of people who go delinquent from holding up their end of the bargain say they’re going to “get back to a game tomorrow” and never do. #1, that’s totally my shtick, stop stealing it. #2, you’ll forget and then I’ll have to cut you off from future events. I don’t want to. Please don’t make me.

-We hold you to the same rules I hold myself when it comes to what constitutes “finishing” the game. You are expected to make a good faith effort to complete the whole game. Now, you’re under no obligation to like the game, and if it’s just not for you and you don’t like it, after really trying hard to find something to like about it, you may quit. But, you must tweet about why you quit. Always say why. Never just quit.

-You are expected to do more than one tweet per game. If you only do one, you’re cut off. And we’re no longer counting taking pictures of the title screen at all. Prove you actually put more than five minutes into the game. The point of this is to get games to people who actually want to PLAY games, not pad an inflated game collection.

-A good rule of thumb: whenever something stands out to you in a game, that’s probably a good time to snap a picture or grab a clip of the game and post it to Twitter and discuss why, for better or worse, it stood out to you. This helps fulfill your end of the bargain of spreading awareness of the game and provides feedback to the developers. Which is the whole point of this event.

-If nothing stands out to you, take a pic or a clip every 20 – 30 minutes and upload it with some form of commentary. Again, #IndieSelect isn’t bribery for good feedback. You are expected to be honest with your feelings about the games you get. Never say “it just sucks” or “it’s great.” Why is it those things? The “why?” matters most.

-Make sure to include the name of the game exactly as it appears in the game’s marketplace pages and the hashtag #IndieSelect in the first tweet you make in any thread discussing the game. It helps the title show up more in search results.

That’s pretty much it. Hit me up @IndieGamerChick on Twitter and check out this “Moment” which will have all the current active games being handed out. Over forty games are “featured” and we actually have hundreds (if not thousands) of fan-donated as well. Above all, have fun everyone. Introduce yourself in this thread and make friends. Talk games with people. Leave all politics and rivalries aside and just enjoy the one thing that unites us all: our love of gaming.

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