There are plenty of games, on the market, that look and feel like Minecraft. Some bad, some good. Some direct clones, and some that simply borrow some of what makes Minecraft great. Eldritch is the latter.

Some would describe Eldritch as simply a Minecraft clone. I`d say that this a shallow proposition at most. Eldritch borrows the “blocky” aesthetic of Minecraft, and beefs it up with deep, interesting roguelike mechanics,  addictive “one more try” play mechanics, and an interesting premise.


To describe Eldritch quickly; I would describe it as an almost 3D Spelunky, whatever connotation that brings with it. To describe Eldritch in more detail; I would describe it as an adventure filled romp through Lovecraftian worlds, a myriad of enemies, weapons, power-ups scattered throughout.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, again similar to Minecraft. Enemies are fought, doors are opened, and shops are (potentially) robbed in the first-person perspective. The game controls quite well, and every weapon and enemy can be handled without frustration. There are many ways to augment these controls too, in the game, but I`ll let you find those on your own.

The premise, while simply doing so, sets you to collect souls, at the end of every level. These souls unlock new levels, in the form of four books, that reside in the starting area and hub, the library. The library also hold a variety of other non-level books, that offer gameplay-tips, backstory, and other useful tidbits of information.


At its heart, Eldritch is an exploration game. With that, and my pseudo-responsibilty not to spoil anything, I won’t reveal anything else about the game, it really is best that way!

Eldritch is a competent look into the world of Lovecraft, with a healthy bit of exploration and fun thrown in.

2359290-screen+shot+2013-10-28+at+9.31.52+pmEldritch was developed by Minor Key Games igtlogo-01

It`s no Spelunky, but you`ll get close for only $14.99.

Eldritch has earned the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.

What do you think?

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