Introducing Indie Gamer Chick TV

Indie Gamer Chick has gotten on the bandwagon.  I’ve set up a Twitch channel, Indie Gamer Chick TV.  I’ve also rounded up over a dozen indie fanatics to provide content for the channel.  We won’t just be playing games here.  You’ll get to see the unveiling of new titles and new gameplay modes on it.  We had FortressCraft developer Adam Sawkins debuted the first live footage of the new survival mode for FortressCraft Evolved.  He took questions from the fans and used the experience to get feedback to help him improve the quality of his game.  And next week, we’ll have many of our streamers playing a new demo for Discord Games‘ upcoming title Chasm before it goes public later this winter.  During one of those sessions, creator James Petruzzi will be in the chat room to field questions from fans.

Even though I started Indie Gamer Chick TV, I’m treating it like it belongs to the entire indie community.  I want developers to have access to it, to show off their latest projects, to take questions live from fans, and to even show live development footage.  I want to thank Ryan, aka MasterBlud, for helping me put this together, and to the entire development community.  In order for this to really take off, we need partnership with Twitch.  To earn that, we need to pass benchmarks in views.  Doing so will allow us to increase the video quality of the streams.  Together, we can make that happen, and make Indie Gamer Chick TV the top indie gaming channel on Twitch.  Let’s do it!

For those that missed our last two developer Q&As, here they are.

Magnetic by Nature Q&A with developer TripleSlash Studios.

TraceRace Q&A with developer Mike Antonakes


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3 Responses to Introducing Indie Gamer Chick TV

  1. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to check it out. Also, curse you for giving me yet another goal to aspire to!

  2. ImTheMetalLord says:

    I’m digging me some Indie Gamer Chick TV. Was not able to join the live qna but watching the replay was quite fun. Actually working my way through all your posts now. Thanks!!

  3. Awesome stuff Cath, I’ll have to have a watch and get involved at some point.

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