Introducing Indies for Courage

I’m proud to announce the creation of Indies for Courage, a joint project with Operation Supply Drop, that will provide the best independent video games to members of the United States Armed Forces that are deployed abroad or wounded and in recovery here in the United States.

Indies for Courage

How it will work is simple: indie game developers will supply Operation Supply Drop with codes or tokens for their games, which Operation Supply Drop will then distribute to our fighting men and women.  When possible, they’ll do their best to make sure that soldiers receive the right games for them, based on their personal taste or preferences.  Indies For Courage can accept codes across all gaming platforms, though developers should be mindful about contributing from platforms like XBLIG where only 50 codes are supplied per game.

Developers are already stepping up to contribute.  Five studios have donated seven titles so far, spanning a wide-range of genres.  The early contributors are:

Zen Studios, developer of CastleStorm and Pinball FX2

Zeboyd Games, developers of Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World

Phoenix Online Studios, developers of Silver Lining, Cognition, and other adventure games.

Brooks Bishop, developer of Aeternum. Which was critically acclaimed by people who enjoy Bullet Hells. For me, actual hell probably has lines and lines of Bullet Hells, but fans of the genre raved about it. Brooks also created the logos for Indies for Courage (not to mention my mascot, Sweetie).

Angry Gam3rs, developers of Rofaxan 2089 AD.

Since this is my pet project, I’m going to give some special perks to any developer that donates games.

  • Whenever the developer has a new trailer available for an upcoming project, I’ll post it to Indie Gamer Chick’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.  I can also include blog posts updating the projects, and announcements when the game is available. You donate games once, you get this for the rest of your development existence.
  • A special page will be set up this week at Indie Gamer Chick that will list all contributing developers, with links to their site, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and any marketplace links for their games.
  • A special seal for developers signifying them as a contributing developer for Indies for Courage has been created that they can proudly wear on their blogs or sites.

Indies for Courage SealAll contributions are also tax-deductible, under Operation Supply Drop’s ID, which they will supply to any donors upon request. If you’re a developer and interested in donating, get the ball rolling by contacting me here or contacting Operation Supply Drop with the subject “Indies for Courage.”  You should also follow Operation Supply Drop on Twitter.

Non-developers can also contribute by donating directly to Operation Supply Drop.  They have a page set up with multiple avenues you can do this through.  Alternately, my friend Adam Wallyhawk has Indies for Courage apparel that you can purchase, with proceeds going to Operation Supply Drop.  Contributing developers can order special contributing developer shirts upon request.


On a personal note, I want to thank Operation Supply Drop and the Indie Game Development Community for coming together with me so quickly on this.  You guys are the soul of the gaming industry.  I’ve always been very proud to be associated with such a talented group of people.  The way you’ve all come together for me on this project has left me completely overwhelmed with emotion.  Indies for Courage is not a one-time event.  This will be an ongoing project, and so keep those games coming in.  Our courageous troops have certainly earned them.


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