Here Comes A New Writer – IGC-Michael

Over the last year or so, you may have seen a certain geek by the gaming handle of Shin Hogosha trade words on Twitter and in the comment section with this site’s wonderful host. He’s argued with her, he’s questioned parts of reviews and, well, he’s just been a confrontational little son of a gun.

And, guess what? Now he writes for her.

I’ll be on here under the name IGC-Michael, sending out indie reviews from the flat-yet-charming Midwest. A bit about myself: I’ve played a bit of everything over the last three decades. My first memories involve an Atari 2600, and the extended family that raised me is solely to blame for how much of a gaming nerd I’ve become over the years. Uncles, aunts, cousins, even my grandmother had a horrible addiction to Breakout, causing her to go to the chiropractor twice for playing marathon sessions with bad posture. I remember River City Ransom when it was released, rented Final Fantasy IV enough times to pay for the game, bought a Virtual Boy at launch (and still have excellent vision), and ran grown men out of tokens at the arcade via Soul Edge and Tekken 2 while in my early teens.

Over the 31 years of my life, something that made a gigantic impression on me in gaming was the start of what’s now known as XBox Live Indie Games. So much so that I’d started a short-lived review blog and wrote articles and interviews for other sites just to get the word out about such an amazing, interesting group of games and their developers. Since then, two-thirds of my 360 purchase have consisted of XBLIG titles, including my favorite 360 game, Soulcaster.

The love and respect for independent games eventually brought me here, though Cathy and I differ on quite a few things. For example, I enjoy punishing platformers, bullet-hell shmups, complex fighters, and rhythm games, which I’m pretty sure is what Cathy would qualify as her own personal gaming hell. I speed run games both retro and current, I look up frame data for fighters, and to me “channel surfing” is “watching random gaming streams on Twitch.” In other words, I’m a giant nerd, and it comes out in my writing as well as my interests.

What kind of reviews can you expect from me? Well, I have a PS3, a 360, and an Ouya, and I’ll gladly try anything that doesn’t play dirty tricks with my motion sickness. So most first- and third- person games are out the window. I don’t shy from requests, even if it’s a genre I normally don’t enjoy such as simulations or tower defense. I intend on delivering the kind of honest writing you both expect and respect when you visit IGC, ideally for years to come, and I enjoy the civil conversations that spawn from such writing.

So, with all that said, I’d just like to say I’m happy to be a part of the team, and I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the table.



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