Introducing IGC-Miko

Hello. I’m Bri and I’ll be writing under IGC-Miko.

I wasn’t certain what to write about in an intro. Do I talk hobbies? My life? Nah. That’s social network stuff. How better to introduce myself than to talk about my gaming past?

Like just about everyone else who grew up my generation, I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to smash keys on my dad’s VIC20. Space Invaders, Gorf, and 8K RAM CARTRIDGE (I never could get that game to work). Some 30 years later I still smash keys and let me tell you, that 8GB RAM CARTRIDGE game did not improve on its predecessor in any way.

Before I’ve been asked, “What type of game is your favorite?” and I can never give a straight answer. I’ve always been fluid about my favorite genres.

In my early years gaming, for the most part, all that was really out there were platformers and puzzle games so I played the shit out of them. Racing across town on my bike to rent games from the grocery store or movie store, figuring out which games sucked less than others. Mario games, Zelda, Tetris, and Contra were the best.

In high school I was all about RPGs with Chrono Trigger being my all-time favorite, though I also love Final Fantasy 3 (US), Final Fantasy Tactics, and Earthbound. (I’m also of the opinion that the Final Fantasy XI and later have been shit. Some good is sprinkled in there but mostly, they’re shit. That ought to get some of your feathers ruffled.)

The college years were when I predominantly played Grand Theft Auto 3, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield. I was completely taken over by GTA3, one of the first truly 3D open world games. That was such an amazing experience for a gamer back then. People on my floor in the dorm would tease me about how all they heard coming from my room for a month were police sirens.

The late 2000s were the World of Warcraft years. We shall call them the dark years of my gaming but not because of WoW itself (I still love it in fact), but because I put off far too many games in this time period and have been catching up. I have a bucket list of games from the Playstation 2 era to the present.

Here we are. I play just about everything now or am willing to try. I may be found on various social networks but my main place to spout nonsense is Twitter – @NDMiko. (Yep, I’m one of the six people in North Dakota with internet access.)


What do you think?

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