Contest: Name the Game

Update: Two additional copies of the game will be given away, with myself and my boyfriend Brian selecting the winners for both.  It’s like winning a prize for being not good enough for the judges! 

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Considering that the first thing you typically learn about a game is what its name is, I’m always a little surprised when someone totally phones it in.  Don’t get me wrong, Xbox Live Indie Game developers aren’t the only ones guilty of this (Attack of the Clones?  Was George Lucas sniffing white-out when he came up with that?), but it makes me wonder if you missed the whole point of being an independent developer.  You’re free to name your game anything, as long as it doesn’t contain cussing, racism, sexual slurs, homophobia, drug references, or references to Nazism.  Still, that’s hardly limiting, unless you’re one very disturbed person.

And yet, in my year of doing this, I’ve encountered names that are just bad.  The one that sticks out to me the most (ironically because it does stick out the least) is one called Dark.  What an unambitious name.  First off, can you think of another game that has the word “Dark” in it?  Off the top of my head, I can think of, in order, Baulder’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Dark Cloud, Alone in the Dark, Heart of Darkness, Perfect Dark, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Eternal Darkness, and I think the next Luigi’s Mansion is called Dark Moon.  I’m not saying “don’t use the word Dark.”  I’m saying jazz it up.  Attach stuff to it so it sticks out.

I reviewed a game called Inferno!  That would have been a tolerable (if utterly forgettable) name if that hadn’t already been the name of a game on the service that was made by a very popular developer as far as XBLIGs go.  I played a rhythm-based RPG called Sequence that was overflowing with personality and snappy writing.  Of course, Sequence also happens to be the name of a very popular, completely unrelated board game that I’ve played since I was five years old, and doesn’t even really fit the thing anyway.  I played a game named Brand, which could very well be the most uninspired title a video game has ever had.

Which brings us to why we’re here today.  Andreas Heydeck has a game coming out soon to Xbox Live Indie Games.  He built it under the working title Simcom Corp.  That name is not going to fly.  What he wants is help.  Specifically, he wants YOUR help.  Andreas asked me if Indie Gamer Chick could host the contest.  I readily agreed, because this is a contest that makes sense to me.  I matched Andreas up with a panel of four guys that cover the XBLIG scene.  Those five gentlemen.. well four and Alan.. make it three with Alan & Ryan.. okay, those four buttholes and Andreas, will decide who wins.

And what does the winner get?

  • 1600 Microsoft Points (must be a citizen of the United States or Europe to collect)
  • A free copy of the game when it is released.
  • His or her name in the game’s credits.

How do you enter?  It’s simple: name the game.  Submit an entry in the field below, including some means to get in contact with you in the event you win.  This contest closes Friday, July 20 at 5:00 PM  Pacific Standard Time.  Below is the full rules, information on the game, and what the five judges expect from contestants.  Good luck.

Please note that comments at this site are subject to moderation.  I do approvals as often as I can, but it might take several hours for your entry to be viewable. 

The Game

It’s an economic simulator in the shape of a call center/contact center simulator.  You build your own contact center building, staff your different functions, and balance your workloads. The goal is to optimize your operation, expand your business with current and new client assignments, keeping your staff happy, equipment functional, and making sure that you are maximizing profits.

Please view the trailer.

To Enter

Leave the name of the title in a reply to this article, along with your Twitter handle, or register to post using a valid e-mail address.  Addresses won’t be shared by except with Mr. Andreas, and only for the winning person.  Clearly state the name of the game, and if you feel necessary, why you believe that name fits.  Replies must be marked by July 20, 2012 at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  If a winner is decided, it will be announced on Sunday, July 22, 2012.

The Judges

There are five judges who will determine the winner.  They will be encouraged to come to a consensus, but if one can’t be found, a simply majority will be enough.  Along with the game’s creator, the remaining judges are as follows:

Dave Voyles of Armless Octopus

I’m looking for a colorful title which clearly defines who this game will best serve.

Tim Hurley of

So, what am I looking for in a name? It’s important for the title to be unique (and thus searchable), but it’s just as vital that it match the tone / theme of the game. ‘Call Center Zombies’ has a certain ring (excuse that pun) to it, but thematically accurate? Probably not. Imagine you’re selling this game, and to an extent, you are. Coming up with a name to envelop all sides (searchable, fun, appropriate to the content) won’t be easy, but that’s why you can promise me 400 MSP of the 1600 prize, and I will vote for you.

Please note, he’s joking.  If he tries anything fishy, I reserve the right to kill and eat him.

Ryan Donnelly of Vintage Video Games TV

I will judging partially on Indie Gamer Chick’s  Google Rule, and I will be looking for a strategic yet parodic name that could be used. I find that the most catchy titles are usually puns on an established theme or name, thus bringing attention to the game. The Google Rule will apply to my decision once I can find names that rhyme and can be made fun of right off the bat.  Example:  Minecraft = Minecrap.

Alan Charlesworth of The Indie Ocean

Creating a name is a tough and thankless task, and I’ve never been any good at it. My cat is called Bo’sun Norbert. I can judge other people’s naming skills, though. A good game title needs to be something that will stick in my mind even if the blurb, screenshots and demo don’t. Something that has relevance to the content of the game. Something that, if I Google it in my capacity as a game critic, will appear before the 500th page of results. In short: I need to be able to find it, remember it and match it to the game. Puns are welcome. LOLcat spellings, hoards of exclamation marks and titles that sound like something an eight year old would find insultingly childish will most certainly get your entry kicked in the face.

Please note, it will NOT get you kicked in the face.  Any face kicking will be purely symbolic.

Rules and Eligibility

  • This competition is open to residents of Europe and United States of America.  Entrants from other countries can not collect a full prize.
  • You must be 18 years of age to enter.
  • All competition entries will be presented to a judging panel consisting of Andreas Heydeck, Dave Voyles, Ryan Donnelly, Alan Charlesworth and Tim Hurley, who will decide on the winning entry.
  • If two or more people enter the same name, the first person to have entered it will be considered the only valid entry.
  • You may enter as many times as you want.
  • The decision of the Judges shall be final and cannot be challenged.  In their absolute discretion they may declare void any entry or the competition itself should they consider that there are no entries reaching a required standard, whereupon they can award prizes or not as they think fit.
  • The winner will be chosen by the Judges, and the prize awarded to the entry that the Judges consider to be the best.
  • The prizes will be paid at different times. A code for Microsoft Points will be sent via email or direct-message on Twitter to the winner within 2 weeks of winning the competition.  A code to the game will be sent to the winner via email upon release of the game.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to having your name and/or nickname published on various websites/blogs.
  • All entries in the competition will be the property of Andreas Heydeck Games, and released only if not voted as the winner by the judging panel.
  • Entries will be deemed invalid if the entry would be covered by any type of patent and/or trademark owned by another company or studio.
  • There will be no cash or other alternative to the prize offered and prizes are not transferable.
  • It is the responsibility of entrants to keep themselves informed as to any updates of these rules, and they acknowledge that any failure to comply with these rules could lead to their disqualification without reasons being given or opportunity for challenge.
  • Andreas Heydeck Games is responsible for all aspects of this competition, and not or its sponsors.

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72 Responses to Contest: Name the Game

  1. “Call Centre of Duty” @DavoInteractive

  2. BrunoB says:

    OfficeCraft @BrunoB78

  3. Dan says:

    ‘Call Centre Chaos: Smooth Operators’ @the_dudefather

  4. “Little Call Centre People” (visually the game reminds me a bit of the retro classic “Little Computer People”) @DavoInteractive

    • Ken Cone says:

      When I bought the game, it’s name was “The Little Computer People Project”
      I was fifteen at the time it came out. I loved that game!

  5. Tom Happ says:

    Blast Office (domain already taken, though)

  6. BrunoB says:

    Tiny Offices @BrunoB78

  7. “Work Daze” (visually it also reminds me of the classic “Skool Daze” – this could be where the kids have ended up because they didnt study lol) @DavoInteractive

  8. AntaraelDulacre says:

    “Everyday every day” @AntaraelDulacre

  9. “Bonanza Corp”

  10. muds says:

    No Future @mudesen

  11. “Tiny Call Center Tower” or “Tiny Call Center” – it just kind of reminded me of the Tiny Tower game.

  12. robertinot says:

    “Office Spaces”

  13. “Phones on fire!” @losttraindude

  14. Matt says:

    Serfs and Outsourcery @rzgames

  15. okbobby says:

    “Call Center Simulator” or “Call Center Sim” – sometimes the most obvious is the right choice.

  16. Just a quick reminder that if your entry does not immediately appear, it’s because all comments at this site from new posters go into moderation. I will approve them as soon as I am able to.

  17. Riley Hooper says:

    “Sim Corp Call Center” or “Simcorp Call Center” It’s really a matter of preference, but I like them both. @RileyHooper

  18. “Journey to the Call Centre of the Earth” @DavoInteractive

  19. “Employmental” @DavoInteractive

  20. Edgar Alan says:


  21. “Workforce Majeure” — (referencing “Force Majeure” meaning Act of God, and this is somewhat of a God game) @DavoInteractive

  22. Matt says:

    “Callcentric” @rzgames

  23. Dennis says:


  24. “Cubicle: The Unrelenting”?

    “SimDegree-in-the-Humanties”? Which then extends to all variants such as “SimHistory-Degree-from-Wales” 😀


    “Corraling Call Centre Critters”?

  25. Bristow says:

    “Lackeys” @Bristow_Nexus_6

  26. Team Shuriken says:

    The Phonies

  27. Bristow says:

    “I’d Like to Speak to an Operator” @Bristow_Nexus_6

  28. “Call Centre Service Providings” (fonejacker voice) @DavoInteractive

  29. Juan Sanchez says:

    How about I spit an alliteration for ‘ya

    “Tax Trust Tech” (@liljrSanchez)

  30. “SimSourcing”

    Twitter: @MyLastThought

  31. 17wizards says:

    Communication Hubbub

    The Communication Conglomeration

    Don’t Hang Up Industries

    @17wizards on Twitter

  32. Gaz says:

    I’m gonna go for “The Chicken Factory”
    Twitter @lostruin or @xboxrambleindie

  33. Adman says:

    Super Happy Lucky Best Call Center
    DynaSimuTeleCompuTech Inc.

  34. Matt says:

    ‘Iconic Telephonic’


  35. Tom Happ says:

    Thank You For Holding
    Calls May Be Monitored
    All Representatives Are Busy
    Press 0 Or Remain On The Line
    To Hear These Options Again, Press 4

  36. Rik Swift says:

    Phone Sharks

  37. “Corporation Inc.” was it’s original title, I played / beat it the day it was released on Kongregate.

    PS – Kobold’s Quest Rules.
    end of line.

  38. a1cbrandon4489 says:

    “Call Center Story”
    “Game Sim Story”
    “Contact Center IX: Please Hold”
    “Call Center VII: Economic Power”
    “Call Center Sim: Let’s Multitask!”

  39. IndieMario says:

    “Hello! Sim”

    I think it’s catchy, as in: Have you played “Hello!” It’s great.
    Hope you find a great name.


    Note from Indie Gamer Chick: This is not a real entry, as Mario is a sponsor of this site and thus ineligible.

  40. zimpsonr says:

    Eyes on the KPIs

  41. Econ Simulus.
    or the expanded version: Econ Simulus: Create a Call Center

  42. Peter Dojap says:

    Call Center Extrem

  43. Stray Dog says:

    Call Center: Extreme Domination
    The Business
    Phone Giants
    Stay on the line
    CC Managers
    Ring A Bell

  44. @Carcassian says:

    Call Centre: The Living Dead
    Sold Out
    Build. Manage. Profit ?
    The Last Profit

  45. Nathan says:

    ‘Buzzword Ringer’ (@BinarySpike)

  46. Juan Sanchez says:

    “Dingtechology Inc” or “Dingtech” (@liljrSanchez)

  47. manB3ARpig says:

    “Mean Street”
    “Money Maker”
    “Bling Center”

  48. Dan Flatt says:

    “Your Call is Important to Us!”
    “Press 9 to Succeed”
    “Call to the Top”
    “Telephony Tower”
    “Money Inc – Your Call Will be Answered as Soon as an Agent is Available”

  49. Endless Office @GuardianOfPants

  50. GaTechGrad says:

    “Case of the Mondays”

  51. Andreas Jonsson says:

    Calls R’ us
    All your calls are belong to us (perhaps better as catchphrase?)
    Callflow / Callflow sim.

  52. Edgar Alan says:

    “Game Of Phones”

  53. Matt Clemson says:

    A stupid number of suggestions, I’m afraid:

    “Duty of Calls”
    “Centre for Annoying Linguistics, Ltd”
    “The Phone Ranger”
    “The Calls of the Dialled” (or Riled, maybe)


  54. asmilon says:

    # Call Center Extra
    # CC Extreme


  55. Josh Hull says:

    “The Call Is Coming From Inside The Call Center.”

  56. Zachary says:

    Telemarketer: The Game


    Please Hold

    How May I Assist You Today?

  57. gearsofwarcrazy says:

    Telemarketer: the game


    How may I assist you?

    Indian Stereotypes: CALLCENTER

    Toll Free Simulator!

    Callcenter Tycoon

  58. “The Working Dead” @DavoInteractive

  59. Dial M for Manager
    Call Centre 3000
    It’s Just Business

  60. SS:DD (Staff Simulator: Divisions Department)


    Business as usual

    White Collar Tycoon

    Start-up Tycoon

    How I built a start up

    Built from the ground up


    Little Boxes -or- Ticky Tacky Little Boxes

    Behind these doors

    Building outside the box



    Twitter: @sparkcloud87

  61. Juan Sanchez says:

    “Techizone” (@liljrSanchez)

  62. Hamcha says:

    Call center tycoon (should be Google’s Rule friendly)

    My little Call Center (ok that was stupid)

    Call Center Extraordinare

    Super Customer Service

    Twitter: @hamcha

  63. johnnysokko says:

    Hone Talking Network @Shootist2600

    A spin on Home Shopping Network. Hone as in perfecting the business, Talking as in, well, the nature of the business, and Network as in phones or communication.

  64. johnnysokko says:

    Hone Talking Network @Shootist2600

    A spin on Home Shopping Network, hopefully catchy. Hone as in perfecting the business, Talking as in, well, the nature of the business, and Network as in phones or communication.

  65. Ivan Murillo says:

    Simcorp Pursuit

    Telecomm Empire

    Cashflow Tycoon

    Phone-Jack Mania

    Starter Junky

    Dial Wars

    Collect and Conquer

    Garnish Kings

    Caffeine Rally

    Digicall Workaholix

    Office Puxe

    Rainy Day Hustle

    Ring Drones

    Bizzy Buzz Centropolis


  66. reject79 says:

    Editor’s Note: This was received after the deadline.


    // Andreas

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