Is Cathy really a girl?   Yes.  Last time I checked at least.

How old is Cathy?  25.

Where is Cathy from?  Palo Alto, California.

What’s with all this Kairi stuff?  I thought having a pen name would be neat at first.  Now it’s just annoying.  Nobody knows how to pronounce it, among other things.  Call me Cathy.

One person does all these reviews?  There’s about fifty reviews that were done by other people I brought on, but from here on out, it’s just me.

How long has Cathy played games?  I’ve really always played games.  My first system was the original Playstation, which Santa Claus brought me for Christmas of 1996, along with my first game, Crash Bandicoot.  I was seven years old.  I’ve been a regular gamer ever since.

What kind of games is Cathy into?  You know, I don’t really have any particular favorite genre or style of game.  For Indie Gamer Chick, I’m willing to play any type of game.  Outside of my site, I’m pretty much the same way.  My favorite stuff is usually adventure games and RPGs.  My least favorite genre is probably shoot ‘em ups.  But I’m open to the possibility that any game can be good, whether it’s about space warfare or curling or nose picking.

What does Cathy have against retro gaming?  It’s not necessarily retro gaming that I’m against.  It’s the idea that games were better whenever “back in the day” was.  People have interpreted that to mean that I think all older games suck.  I don’t think all old games suck, but some age more gracefully than others.  I do believe that some games that are considered all-time classics really aren’t that good anymore.  I also don’t understand how gamers can replay some titles dozens of times when there are thousands of new experiences just a finger tip away from them.

How does Cathy’s epilepsy affect her ability to play games?  It’s really not a major issue.  My epilepsy developed around the time I was sixteen.  In all that time, I think I’ve only had a seizure that resulted directly from playing games less than half a dozen times.  I do need to exercise caution and be selective about what games I play, and usually try to avoid games that rely too heavily on strobe effects.  Such things are the most likely to set off a spell. For more information, read my editorial called “The Epilepsy Thing.”

How does autism affect Cathy?  Most people are surprised to learn that I have autism.  Probably because autism is so misunderstood and tends to conjure up the wrong image.  I was diagnosed with it at the age of four.  It has mostly affected me in areas related to socializing and communication.  I would like to stress that I’m not disabled and I personally don’t find myself limited by it at all.    People who live with autism are all affected in different ways and to different degrees.  For more information, you should check out Autism Speaks.  Yea, they’re one of those boring charity thingies, but they’re also really cool and they help a lot of people.

Who is Brian?  He’s my amazing, cool, moderately decent looking boyfriend and biggest fan.

What is Brian’s role at Indie Gamer Chick?  Brian mostly just observes me and encourages me.  He will occasionally play games with me if they’re multiplayer.  He helps me with editing and also contributes ideas to improving the site.  If not for him, I wouldn’t have Indie Gamer Chick in my life.  For that, I owe him the world.

Who is Bryce?  Bryce is Brian’s roommate and another person who occasionally plays multiplayer games with me.  He has a shaved head that he uses to cheat when we play local co-op by using the glare on it.  Rat bastard.


Why Xbox Live Indie Games?  Indie Gamer Chick started as a hobby and I just happened to choose Xbox Live Indie Games.  Prior to Indie Gamer Chick, I had only bought two: I Made A Game with Zombies in It and Breath of Death VII.  I started writing reviews for XBLIGs and I caught the attention of the community and subsequently my site exploded.  Today, it’s the most read Xbox Live Indie Game-centered site in the world.  And I owe that completely to the Xbox Live Indie Game community that pretty much adopted me.  As long as XBLIGs are around, Indie Gamer Chick will focus on them.  It’s an overlooked platform, but there are some damn fine games on it.

How do I get my game reviewed at Indie Gamer Chick? These days I pick out which games I review pretty much at random. You can alert me about your game on Twitter.

Why does Indie Gamer Chick not accept review codes/tokens?  The most important reason is that I feel as a critic that I should pay what everyone else pays.  There’s an old saying that lunch always tastes better as long as someone else buys it for you.  It’s absolutely true.  I’m certainly not faulting those who do take review codes, but I don’t believe I could be fully honest about the value of a game if I didn’t have to pay for it myself.

I do take review codes if a game is available on more than one platform. I still purchase the game, but only once. If a developer wants my review to include details on other platforms, I will need review codes provided. For more on this policy, click this link.

It’s not uncommon for someone who knows my policy to send me a code anyway saying “I know you don’t take codes, but please take mine.”  Guys, don’t worry about it.  Whether I review the game or not, if you want me to check out your game, I’ll probably just buy it anyway.  Just ask.  Use your review codes smartly.  Do whatever it takes to make sure someone at a larger site cashes it in and plays your game.  Pester, whine, and don’t be too proud to beg.  Remember, stalking isn’t really stalking until a judge says otherwise.

Why does Indie Gamer Chick accept codes for games with online multiplayer?  Games with online play are a different story. It’s difficult to “gift” games many platforms, and quite frankly, I’m not thrilled with the idea of paying double or triple the money for a game. I think it would sour my opinion on it. So, for online multiplayer, I’ll still buy my own copy with my own money, while I give the review code/key to a friend.

My game is finished and its release date is coming up.  We’re trying to secure early reviews.  Can we send you a review token?  Yes.  If this is done, I’ll purchase a full copy of the game once it releases, whether I liked the game or not.

My game supports more than two players online.  Should I send more than one code?  I’ll handle this on a case-by-case basis. First, I have to make sure that I’ll be able to coordinate more than one other playing partner.

Why does the infamously harsh Indie Gamer Chick give developers a chance to fix their games with online play before publishing her review?  I explain in detail here.

Can Cathy play-test my game for me?  Can I send her a build of my game?  No.  I’m not interested in being part of the development process.  I’m strictly here to do game reviews.

Do you play the demo before you decide on reviewing a game?  No.

Why don’t you have review scores?  Because I think they’re useless.  I explain in detail here.

What platforms do you review for? I review games for the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PC
  • Ouya
  • iPhone
  • Steam
  • Desura

When a PC game is pay what you want or part of a bundle, what do you pay for it?  I pay whatever the average price is at the time of purchase.  Maybe more, but never less.

Does Indie Gamer Chick review student projects?  Yes, as long as it’s on one of the platforms I cover, and if it’s a game available to the general public.  If it is, I’ll never turn away a student project.

Can I add you to my Steam/Xbox Live/PlayStation Network friends list? No. I get over a dozen requests every day for this. My friends list is just for my real life friends, or for game developers when we need to link up to troubleshoot problems with games.

Why are your reviews so mean?  The vast majority of developers want reviews that hold nothing back, nit-pick, and say things that other critics are afraid to say to indies.  A lot of critics are concerned that they might hurt a developer’s feelings if they point out too much wrong with a game.  But, after reviewing over 400 games, I can promise you that developers want unfiltered feedback.  The kind they can’t get from friends, family, and fellow developers.  Now, I might dress up that feedback with absurd analogies and lame jokes, but that’s for the benefit of readers who want to be entertained while being informed.  It’s a format that has helped grow my site incredibly since I started.

Why aren’t your reviews more objective? I don’t really understand this question, which I get way too much.  All reviews should in theory be subjective personal opinions.  I’m not here to give you the details on who might like a game.  I’m here to offer my personal opinion and describe my experience playing the game.  Whether a reader decides to buy or demo a game based on my writing is up to them.

Why don’t you offer more constructive criticism?  I get this one a lot too.  I believe I do offer constructive criticism.  If I find something wrong with a game, I say what it is.  I might say it using an absurd analogy or in the form of a joke, but I do try to clearly state what is wrong with a game.  Do I offer solutions to perceived problems?  Often I don’t, because I don’t know what the answers are.  I’m not a game developer.  So while my reviews don’t hold hands, the feedback is legitimate if you look past the snark.  I’ve also made myself available to discuss the games I review with the developers, and sometimes troubleshoot problems in the game with them.  So while the reviews at Indie Gamer Chick can be brutal on developers, I would hope I’ve got a reputation among the indie community of being easy to work and good at communicating with them.

The game you just slammed only costs $1.  What did you expect for $1?   A dollar buys a lot in gaming these days.  On a platform like XBLIG or iPhone, there are hundreds of decent to very good games for that price.  I don’t expect every game to be a home run, but there are too many games that are exceptional at that price to give a mediocre game a pass just because it’s cheap.

Also, try to remember that for some people, $1 is a lot of money period.  I don’t feel that gamers with low incomes or tight budgets should be relegated to mediocre games.  Someone with only $20 could buy the top 15 games on the Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard, all of which are well designed, well executed games.

You do realize that most of these developers are first-timers with no experience?  Of course I do.  I’m not cold-hearted.  My reviews can be brutal, but I also do my best to encourage developers to strive to do better.  But, beyond that, their games are also now commercial products that cost real money to purchase.  I have to hold them to the same scrutiny of any other title on the market.  To do otherwise would be to patronize them.  That doesn’t help anyone.

Do you think you’re funny?  I used to, until you pointed out I wasn’t.  Thank you.

Do you have a Twitch channel? Yes. Indie Gamer Chick TV.

How come you don’t go on cam or on mic on your Twitch channel? I do go on mic sometimes on Indie Gamer Chick TV. I just really am not good at talking. I stutter. I speak too quietly. I do have autism and although I’m apparently a lot better at talking to my friends or family than I realize (as my friend Bob points out all the time, I barely shut up when I call him), addressing a group of people is very tough for me. I do strive to improve and you’ll hear me mic-up more often. As for the cam thing, I tried it once and I ended up with a room full of people asking me to show them my tits. Never again.

Will you ever do a Worst Indie Games feature or Anti-Leaderboard?  No.  Although I can be harsh on games, I don’t want to be a bully.  I think doing such a list would be a bully move.  My goal at Indie Gamer Chick is to find the best games and promote them.  Although I might occasionally reference a previous bad review, to outright spotlight them for the sake of piling on more insults would be horrible.  That’s not what I’m about.

What’s Second Chance with the Chick?  It’s a no-questions asked second look at a game.  Updating games with patches is now a major part of the gaming industry.  We’ve all put a disc in our Xbox or our PlayStation and had to wait while it updates.  Indie games are no different.  Because most of the games I play are new releases, stuff often gets overlooked by developers.  That, or non-bug-related flaws in the game end up getting corrected.  In the interest of fairness, I will never turn down a second review of a game if a developer requests it.  The only rule is, the game has to have been patched since my original review.  If you’re a developer that had a game reviewed here and you want a second chance, just contact me.  No request will be turned away, but this is a one time only offer for each game.  Make sure when you request a second chance, the game is exactly where you want it to be.

If you send back a report to a developer after playing an online game that has glitches and then wait for it to be patched, does that count as my Second Chance with the Chick?  No.  However, you only get one chance to fix the glitches before I write the review to the game.  Any further patches will have to be covered using your second chance.

I’m afraid my game might trigger Cathy’s epilepsy.  How can I tell if it’s potentially trouble for her?  The best way is to send me a video of the spots in the game that you think might cause me problems.  Someone close to me will screen it as soon as possible and let you know what their verdict is.  In general, it’s bright, pulsing strobe effects that affect me.  If you have doubts, it’s better safe than sorry.

Does Indie Gamer Chick do news, previews, or press releases?  No.

Does Indie Gamer Chick interview developers?  Only for special community events, and also for sponsors of the Leaderboard.

Will Indie Gamer Chick plug my Kickstarter?  No.  I get requests for Kickstarter every day, many of whom fail to meet what I consider to be the fundamental criteria needed to ask for funding.  If I plug just one, the floodgates will open even more than they already have.

But what if we.. No.

Even if.. No.

What do I need to do to write a Tales from the Dev Side editorial?  I’m looking for topical editorials that are relevant to the types of things I discuss on my site.  If you’ve had a game reviewed here, you can use Tales from the Dev Side to write a postmortem on your game.  If there’s an aspect of game development that you feel is overlooked or misrepresented, Tales from the Dev Side is the perfect outlet for you.  My only real requirements are you don’t bring personal grudges into it and that you maintain the casual, easy to read tone I’m aiming for at Indie Gamer Chick.  Just contact me and we can discuss it further.

Is Cathy interested in writing for our site?  No.  I would prefer to spend any time I have to write contributing to my own site.  I’m always flattered when someone offers, but I’m also never interested.

Can I reprint a review or editorial from Indie Gamer Chick?  I want to keep everything written by myself exclusive to this site, so please don’t copy or re-post anything done by me.  If you need just a line or two for a blurb on your website or for promotional material, that’s fine, but not the full review please.  If you want to re-post a Tales from the Dev Side editorial, contact the developer.  If they say it’s okay, I have no problem.  It’s their article, not mine.

Can I advertise at Indie Gamer Chick?  I don’t take general advertisements, but you can sponsor the Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard or Review Index.  Here’s a supplemental FAQ for how that works.

Can I run a contest at Indie Gamer Chick? I don’t do contests anymore. I am willing to hand out copies of your game on Twitter.


What is the Indie Gamer Chick Leaderboard?  It’s the order I rank the Xbox Live Indie Games I’ve had fun playing from most fun to bareliest fun.

Is Bareliest a word?  It is now.

Are you saying that the game ranked #10 is better than the game ranked #11?  Yes, in my opinion.  If I had to choose between playing game #10 or game #11, I would choose the game ranked #10. I have no problem saying I would rather play one game over another.

What games are ranked?  Games I had enjoyed playing.  That’s the only criteria. I have to be entertained by a game more than it annoyed me.

What is the Indie Gamer Chick Seal of Approval?  Any game that gets ranked on the Leaderboard gets awarded my personal Seal of Quality.  Developers who earn the seal can use it to promote their games as they see fit.

16 Responses to FAQ

  1. You should learn the difference between the verbs “affect” and “effect.”

  2. Victor Castillo says:

    what is the name of the song used in this game? thank you

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  4. ryangadz says:

    What is the reason for the distaste surrounding Windows Phone? Its the same code as Xbox and may be an even better platform for indies.

  5. Mondars37 says:

    Glad to see someone else started out with the humble Crash Bandicoot/PS1 Christmas combo. Huzzah!

  6. Blake Dunlap says:

    Comforting to see that you have grown throughout your life with Autism. My son is 7 and has Asperger’s. It is very encouraging to see successful people with a diagnosis on the spectrum. Keep it up!

    • Thank you. I had great parents, and that helps. Just remember that its not something to be conquered. It’s something you live with, so you work around it, or with it. Don’t let it be all that defines him.

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